Navigating the World of Healthcare Staffing: The Honest Love Global Professionals Journey

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In today’s healthcare industry, staffing shortages are a persistent challenge faced by hospitals and healthcare facilities. Honest Love Global Professionals, a travel nursing and allied health staffing agency is dedicated to filling these critical gaps. Founded by Chanelle Nakkashian, a registered nurse and entrepreneur, Honest Love connects healthcare workers with facilities in need, ensuring continuous, quality patient care. In this blog, we explore the mission, operations, and inspiring story behind Honest Love Global Professionals. 

The Mission: Delivering Quality Healthcare Staffing 

Honest Love Global Professionals focuses on providing healthcare workers to hospitals and healthcare organizations experiencing staffing shortages. Whether due to nurses calling off, increased patient demand, or other factors, Honest Love steps in to offer support with skilled clinicians. 

While primarily serving California, Honest Love aims to expand its services across the United States. Understanding the varying licensing requirements, the agency is working diligently to meet these standards and broaden its reach, ensuring that facilities nationwide can benefit from their staffing solutions. 

Dual Client Focus: Facilities and Healthcare Professionals 

Honest Love serves two main clients: medical facilities and healthcare professionals. With Chanelle’s background as a travel nurse, she has a unique perspective on both sides of the equation. This insight allows Honest Love to effectively match clinicians with facilities, ensuring a good fit for both parties. 

Chanelle Nakkashian’s Inspiring Journey  

Chanelle’s journey from Africa to the U.S. in 2001 is one of resilience and ambition. Facing challenges such as homelessness, she found support within her church community and pursued her passion for healthcare. Despite numerous obstacles, she completed her nursing education, driven by a desire to make a difference in others’ lives. 

Chanelle’s transition from a healthcare provider to an entrepreneur was fueled by her passion for helping others. In addition to founding Honest Love Global Professionals, she also established Honest Love Global Home Care, which provides home care resources for the elderly. Her entrepreneurial spirit is deeply rooted in her commitment to improving lives through compassionate care. 

Understanding Travel Nursing  

Travel nursing involves nurses taking short-term assignments at various hospitals, typically lasting around 13 weeks. This arrangement offers nurses the flexibility to work in different locations and create their own schedules. The freedom to take extended breaks between assignments and the opportunity for higher pay make travel nursing an attractive option for many healthcare professionals.  

For Chanelle, travel nursing provided a perfect balance between work and family life. The flexibility allowed her to spend summers with her children and work during the school year. This adaptability, along with higher compensation, makes travel nursing a viable and appealing career path.  

Travel nursing doesn’t always mean relocating far from home. Nurses can work in different facilities within their community or in nearby regions. For example, a nurse in Riverside County might take assignments in Los Angeles or Northern California, offering both variety and convenience. 

Supporting Career Development 

 Chanelle emphasizes the importance of education and career advancement. Honest Love encourages nurses to pursue higher degrees, such as master’s or doctoral programs, while accommodating their travel nursing schedules. This support system helps nurses balance work with further education and career progression. 

Real-Life Success Stories 

Chanelle shares numerous success stories of young nurses who, with her mentorship, have grown in confidence and skill. By providing guidance and practical advice, Chanelle helps these nurses navigate the challenges of travel nursing and excel in their careers.  

Future Goals for Honest Love  

Honest Love aims to secure more contracts and expand its presence, overcoming industry hurdles and keeping pace with evolving healthcare technology. By broadening their knowledge and client base, Honest Love is set to make a significant impact in the healthcare staffing industry. 

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs  

Chanelle advises new immigrants and aspiring entrepreneurs to stay true to their passion, build a support network, continuously learn, and remain adaptable. Resilience and collaboration are key to navigating the entrepreneurial journey’s highs and lows. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Honest Love Global Professionals or seeking staffing solutions, visit their website or call 951-290-8543. Chanelle and her team are ready to demonstrate the exceptional services they offer. To listen to the full interview on Women in Motion, click this link: 

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