Nancy Paul, Merit Scholarship Strategist, Announces Release Of The Little Book About Scholarships

The Little Book About Scholarships addresses common questions about earning achievement-based merit scholarships. The book also contains answers to questions families should ask and often don’t consider. “Merit scholarships are awarded for a huge range of achievements,” explains Paul. “Scholarships are a great alternate solution to ever increasing college costs. They don’t need to be paid back, yet they do require time, effort and strategy,” Paul adds.

The Little Book about Scholarships takes the confusion out of understanding merit scholarships. The resource covers such topics as: how to find merit scholarships, tips for writing a winning scholarship essay, the importance of pursuing private and institutional merit scholarships, and how to qualify for more merit scholarships.

“College-bound families are so overwhelmed,” Paul shares. “They crave a basic understanding of how their students’ achievements can lower college costs. Some families don’t realize that merit scholarships are even an option. They mistakenly believe that scholarships are only available to families who qualify for need-based aid or for straight ‘A’ students,” Paul reveals.

A scholarship strategist, Nancy Paul founded Three Wishes Scholarships, named for her three daughters, to help families use community service involvement and other achievements to be more successful with the college process, including getting into more schools and reducing college costs. Paul finds $25,000-$200,000 in private merit scholarship opportunities, and up to $300,000 in institutional merit scholarships, for each of her private clients. Using her signature WISHES System, she saves time, reduces stress, and maximizes potential for lowering the cost of college for families. She consults, speaks and writes about the many financial and non-financial benefits of students contributing to the cost of their own education with merit scholarships.

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