Myths and Facts about Business Process Outsourcing

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BPO, or Business Process Outsourcing, is an amazing way to enhance any business. Business Process Outsourcing has become increasingly popular over the past few years, and what with the ever increasing globalised and digitised world, it’s not going away anytime soon. When you start doing a little digging into the world of Business Process Outsourcing, you can come across a whole range of myths, facts and stats that might not necessarily hold up. Read on for the biggest myths and facts about Business Process Outsourcing:

Myth: You lose control over your business operations

Fact: Contrary to popular belief, Business Process Outsourcing actually allows you to have a closer eye on the operations within your company. Although you aren’t physically present to surveillance what’s happening in the day to day of your outsourced team, you’ll find that the professionals you’ve hired are experienced in this type of communication. With all the options for contact including Skype, Email and phone calls, you’ll be able to consistently talk with your offshore team. You might even find that this kind of communication succeeds the in-house office chatter that occurs in traditional workplaces.

Myth: Your data is at risk of security breaches

Fact: This myth is born out of a bit of fear. Businesses are often concerned about their data being sent across borders. However, think about how much data and information is passed from computer to computer in a small office, everything right? Therefore, you should factor in all the systems you can put in place to put your mind at ease. You should also remember that your outsourced team will be completely used to sharing sensitive data across countries and systems, so you can trust that your workforce is practiced in keeping your projects tightly monitored and secure.

Myth: The quality of your work will decrease

Fact: This is a common concern amongst domestic businesses, however, think about why you outsourced in the first place! By engaging in BPO, you’re locking down talented professionals who have a skillset that you might not be able to find at an affordable price, at home. Often, you’ve searched for an outsourced team that can supplement your in-house workforce with high grades of talent and professionalism. Through consistent communication and close management, you can feel confident that all output from your business operations is high quality and well worthwhile.

Myth: You’ll be taking away from your company’s team mentality

Fact: This myth addresses the evolutionary aspect of Business Process Outsourcing. BPO moves away from the traditional 9-5 office structure, both in time zones, talent, budgeting and physical staff presence. Many companies worry about taking away from a few vital aspects of a workplace such as workplace morale and team building, however, there’s nothing to mull over. By cutting costs on A-grade talent overseas, you’ll be opening up budget and time to up-skill your in-house workforce. Up-skilling and staff training are a sure way to secure long term talent that’s as invested in your company as you are.

Prioritise facts over myths, this is vital to understanding how to invest in your company’s future. These Business Process Outsourcing myths are based on wariness, however, with so much successful evidence, you should feel entirely sure in your steps towards a more refined and streamlined workplace. Get ready to enjoy higher quality output, work hour flexibility, cost-cutting talent acquisition and better communication by engaging in Business Process Outsourcing now. 

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