My Life My Power: Teaching Kids and Adults to Step into their Power

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When former mixed martial arts and WWE champion Daniel Puder was a kid, he was bullied. Relentlessly. He’d often beg his parents to let him stay home from school to avoid the taunts of his classmates. To escape the abuse, he turned to mixed martial arts – and in the process took back his own power. Now he helps kids and adults around the country to do the same.

Puder is a fighter and a winner. He has earned the titles of Undefeated Mixed Martial Arts Fighter and champion of WWE’s Million Dollar Tough Enough Competition. But the accomplishment he says he is most proud of is his non-profit brand, My Life My Power (MLMP) and its programs focused on children, educators and businesses.

The organization works with youth in kindergarten through 12th grade via its curriculum focused on positive behavior reinforcement and self-confidence. The program has been operated in some of the country’s largest school districts.

Meanwhile, the My Life My Power Institute collaborates with academic partners on long-term programs to improve emotional intelligence and achievement for students; and with corporate partners to help transform workplace cultures. Both programs are based on My Life My Power’s exclusive Black Belt Transformational Mentorship Training.

“My Life My Power helped our organization go from good to great by increasing effective communication, teamwork and creating a unified vision,” said Nelson Hincapie, president and CEO, Voices for Children Foundation, Inc.

Puder says My Life My Power’s training programs are science- and evidence-based and have been shown to decrease aggression and victimization and increase self-esteem and purpose, as proven through pre- and post-training assessments. The brand also leads certified mentor training workshops, jail to school diversion program, college preparation courses, certified mentor training workshops and youth year-round programming.

Most recently, Puder launched My Life My Brand, which provides business clients with the full spectrum of branding and marketing services – with a little something extra. The organization also gives kids at risk mentoring and internship opportunities with its creative team.

His efforts to help people realize their power don’t stop there. Puder is a sought-after keynote speaker who has trained individuals from the FBI, DEA, local law enforcement, parenting groups as well as C-level executives. Puder was blessed to spend time with The Dalai Lama and will be launching our partnered school named “MLMPI Preparatory Academy”
“Youth Butist Society Blessed by His Holiness The Dalai Lama.”

“My mission personally and through the My Power My Life brands is to be a driving force for a scalable game-changing paradigm shift in how significance is defined, recognized and internalized to transform individuals and communities,” said Puder. “I’ve come a long way from that kid who got pushed around in grade school. Oddly enough, it may have been the best thing that ever happened to me because it led to creation of a movement dedicated to positive change in schools and workplaces.”

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Mark Stephen Pooler

Mark Stephen Pooler is a Professional Speaker, International Bestselling Author, host of Business Innovators Radio and contributor to Small Business Trendsetters and Business Innovators Magazine covering Influencers, Innovators and Trendsetters in Business.