Multi-Millionaire Biohacker Offers Brainwave Secrets

When George H. W. Bush declared the 1990’s the “decade of the brain,” the term biohacking had yet to be coined. Bill Harris, CEO and Director of Centerpointe Research Institute, changed biohacking from a rather bizarre-sounding and unknown concept to a multi-million dollar business that has caught the attention of people worldwide for the last 25 years.

In addition to his biohacking credentials, Bill Harris is a Zen monk and an expert in meditation and its effects on the brain. He has worked as a private practice therapist. He’s a certified trainer of neurolinguistic programming and has been trained in Eriksonian hypnosis. He’s a musician: The Bill Harris Quintet released record albums in 2012 and again in 2013. He’s been an invited speaker at the United Nations and has met with transformational leaders including the Dalai Lama, Steven Covey, Jack Canfield and others. He works out – 100 push-ups every night before going to bed, sometimes more, even at age 64. Amid all this, he has taught more than two million people around the world how to ” biohack” their brainwaves.

Harris became interested in meditation in 1969, at age 19, and soon became a proficient and disciplined meditator. In 1985, Harris discovered an article in the journal Scientific American by Dr. Gerald Oster, a researcher at Mt. Sinai Medical Center, describing a method by which sound could be used to change electrical patterns in the brain–many of which are tied to desirable mental and emotional states of mind.

Harris began experimenting with different combinations of pure sine wave tones as described by Oster in his paper. He quickly realized that when these sine wave tones are combined in certain ways, and if different sides of the brain are targeted through the use of stereo headphones, brain waves could be changed to those of meditation, enhanced learning, creativity, and many other beneficial states of mind. In this way, he realized, the brain can be trained much faster and more easily than with traditional methods.

His experimentation led him to what he calls an “accidental” business. Friends enjoyed his brainwave soundtracks so much, and gave him such positive feedback about the benefits they experienced, that he eventually had enough demand to begin marketing a product based on his refinement of Oster’s approach. Today, Centerpointe offers an array of programs, including a free sample at the company website.

Centerpointe’s Holosync audio programs help listeners attain unique states of mind, enhancing mental abilities and emotional health. Some help listeners speed their way to deep meditation without the years of dedicated practice usually required, creating the same mental and emotional benefits, but in a fraction of the time. Others focus on brain states associated with focus, concentration, creativity and so-called “super-learning” or twilight learning.

Harris started Centerpointe Research Institute in October 1989, and they are celebrating their 25th year. He employs a staff of fourteen at his Beaverton, Oregon headquarters who provide support to Holosync users embarking on their own personal personal growth and self-improvement adventures. He also donates substantially to a range of charities that help children in need.