Mortgage Banker, Brad Roche, Shares Success Formula With Mortgage Originators

With more than twenty years of success in the mortgage and real estate industries, Brad Roche has packaged his mortgage origination success formula and system and is making it available to individual mortgage originators as well as to mortgage lending branch offices. Roche is offering a complete turnkey business growth system that is for all loan originators that want to grow their business, whether they are just starting out, or are experienced loan originators.

The complete system is called “Before, During and After” which refers to the business success growth strategies that are applied at each stage of mortgage client engagement. At the heart of Roche’s system are strategies that provide “white glove” service to clients that differentiate from the typical lenders that are focused on just getting the deal closed. The system leverages client satisfaction with a proven process to grow the business rapidly through referrals.

The Before Tools are a kick-start to any loan originator’s business. Processes are provided to create a pool of referral partners and a platform to stay in front of them that is not time consuming. A presentation is provided to use in one-on-one meetings with potential referral partners. Lead and referral tracking systems are also included. Training is also provided on how to build a successful radio show without having to pay for it.

The During Tools provide processes and systems that guarantee client satisfaction beyond the norms for the mortgage industry and make it highly likely they will refer other qualified clients. Proven email templates and a loan tracking system are also included. The variety of referral partner sources is expanded by use of the dynamic cross-selling platform. Recommendations on vendors and apps to use are also provided.

The After Tools are designed to automatically connect with clients and partners over the long-term so they generate referrals for a lifetime. A master script book is also included for talking with clients and referral partners.

Roche said, “When a mortgage client gets into contract, this is the peak opportunity for us to maximize the results for the client, where they talk about us to all their friends, family and co-workers. We typically get at least one out of every three clients to refer us before we even close and the referrals are usually some of our best new clients.”

Mortgage Industry leader Barry Habib, Founder and CEO of MBS Highway, echoes Roche’s comments, “One of the most effective ways to profitably grow your mortgage origination business is to make sure you are always adding value to your clients.” Habib continued, “When you provide superior service and give clients more than expected value, they will want to work with you again, and more importantly, they will refer other clients to you.”

Brad Roche is a mortgage banker and loan originator for Element Funding in Charlotte, NC. He has been a loan officer for twenty-one years and has been ranked as one of the top 1% of all mortgage originators in the United States by Mortgage Executive Magazine from 2012 through 2014. He is a bestselling author and has a weekly radio show that is broadcast in North and South Carolina by five stations including, CBS, Fox and ESPN. Roche has three offices in the Charlotte region and is widely known as “The Mortgage Planner.”

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