Mortgage Authority, Peter Dellane, Warns Home Buyers to Find a Trustworthy Broker

Financial analysts are reporting that they expect a huge surge in home sales this spring. That’s because the spring selling season, which typically starts in March, is off to a late start thanks to the coldest winter in the past four years.

“Even with the improving real estate market in Maryland and the new lending regulations, there are still ways for borrowers to find themselves in a financial deal that isn’t good for them,” says Peter Dellane, mortgage loan authority and founder of  Ability Mortgage Group. “It’s important to ask for referrals so you can find a mortgage broker you can trust.”

Peter is one of the few remaining independent mortgage brokers left in Maryland. “After the new lending regulations went into force, most of the independent mortgage brokers in the area chose to leave the business or go work for large institutions,” says Peter.

“Because I’ve always stayed away from lending practices that hurts borrowers, I welcomed the changes instead of hiding from them. I made it through the housing market collapse and I took good care of my clients along the way.”

Peter has spent more than 20 years helping borrowers purchase new homes or refinance their current property at lower rates. As an independent mortgage broker,  Ability Mortgage Group, LLC has access to wholesale rates from major banks that the typical borrower wouldn’t be able to find on their own.

Peter also points out that buying a home is an emotional time. There is lots of uncertainty involved in the complex process of finding the property and applying for a mortgage loan. Homebuyers are at a serious disadvantage when dealing with real estate agents, bankers, and mortgage brokers because the average homebuyer doesn’t understand the various mortgage products or the application, review, and approval process.

“I’m able to provide trustworthy service because I surround myself with professionals who spend their lives helping others achieve home ownership,” Peter explains. “And, I listen carefully to each client so that I can understand their goals and their concerns.”

This way of do business allows Peter help each client get organized, be prepared, have realistic expectations about the mortgage process. Throughout the process, and at closing, Peter handles each application with speed and accuracy from the first phone call to final signing.

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