Monick Halm, Real Estate Investor Goddess, Brings a Feminine Touch to Investing

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Go to any real estate training, convention or check the real estate investor percentages and you’re sure to find that more than 80% are males.   Nice for men maybe not so nice for women.  Women operate differently in business and with the great return real estate investing affords someone it is hard to find many successful female real estate investors.   Whether you are in Los Angeles, across the country or even out of the country there is a real estate investor that specializes in helping women succeed in real estate and her name is Monick Halm

Monick Halm is the founder of Real Estate Investor Goddesses, a company through which she educates, mentors and supports women to successfully invest in real estate. It is also a community made up of women investors who support one another through their journey. The community is surprisingly diverse, comprised of investors from across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia.

Monick has a rare story, she wasn’t always in real estate.   After attending an Ivy League school, she began a successful career as an attorney. Monick worked for one of the largest law firms in the world and was making a healthy six-figure income, yet during that time she was miserable. “I felt like I had golden handcuffs tying me to my job,” she explains. “Though I had a great income, I still had law school loans and I had a lifestyle that I’d become accustomed to that I wanted to keep, but I was truly miserable working as a corporate litigator for big law firms.”

It was only after she attended her first big real estate conference that she became excited about the possibility of what getting in the field could mean, the ability to stop trading time for money. The real estate conference she attended was held over two days and included about 120 people, but something bothered Monick about that number – women made up less than 9% of the room. As Monick later recalled, “It was then I realized that I wanted to bring more women into this room. I just thought: This is it. This is where I need to be.”

Monick credits real estate for helping her to get off the hamster wheel and find time and financial freedom so that she could do what she loves. During a recent interview, she shared how real estate has afforded her the ability to spend a month in Australia something she never was able to do on a whim working at the law firm and she was able to go because now, her life and time is her own.

Monick is passionate about getting more women involved in real estate investing because she knows that real estate investing creates the ability to passively make income and over time can allow you to live the lifestyle you desire. “The truly wealthy understand that it’s important to get your money working for you. The poor and the middle-class work for their money. The wealthy have their money work for them,” Monick says. “With real estate, you can get your money working for you in a way that gives you freedom. Once your money is working for you and you’re to a point where you have passive income that equals or surpasses your working income, then you’re financially free.”

Even if you are successful in your career, think you don’t need anything else on your plate, or feel you don’t have time to do anything else, Monick says, real estate investing is a great revenue stream especially for women who already have a lot on their plate.  It’s important to learn about real estate investing and take some time to get educated before jumping in” says Monick, “but once you have that basic education, you can get involved and be very successfully.”

As part of her effort to help women learn the benefits of real estate investing and empower women to live a similar life of freedom to the one she currently leads, Monick recently released her new book, The Real Estate Investor Goddess Handbook. The book gives seven steps that any woman needs to be a successful real estate investor and how they can do so in a way that honors the feminine and who they are as women.

Sharing a bit of a spoiler, Monick says, “Step seven is The Goddess Secret Sauce and there are three main ingredients. One is intuition. How do you tap into that and use that to be successful? Two is pleasure. A lot of times, the more masculine way is to muscle through, to work hard, to man up when things are challenging. But for women, it’s actually using pleasure that makes a huge difference and invites in magic and allows for much better results for us. Three is sisterhood. As women, we’re biologically wired to be around other women and that sisterhood makes us more successful. So those ingredients – the intuition, the pleasure, and the sisterhood – make up investing as a woman, as a goddess.”

Monick also has a new program called The Real Estate Investor Goddesses Wealth Builders Program. It is geared to help women learn everything they need to know to get into real estate investment, explains the vocabulary of the field, and helps women understand how to find a good market, properties, the team that they need, and financing. The course, which Monick describes as “powerful”, runs for three months.

For more information about Monick Halm and Real Estate Investor Goddesses, please visit Also, check her out on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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