Mindset Expert Explains the Simple Reason Why Half the World’s Employees Are Unhappy At Work

Dissatisfaction in the workplace is well-documented. Forbes Magazine recently cited a Conference Board report that says over half (53%) of Americans are unhappy at work. Yet unhappiness at work is not an American problem; it is a global phenomenon, and it’s getting worse every year.

“We’ve all read the studies: healthy, happy employees make for successful, profitable companies,” says Mahima, an international best-selling author, speaker, and founder of The Mahima Mindset. “The question is: How do we create a culture of happy, purpose-driven people?”

According to Mahima, who has presented at Google and shared the stage with celebrities such as Richard Branson, it begins with helping employees discover and live within their “zone of genius” – the unique power that lies at the intersection of a person’s innate talents and passions. “You’re in your genius when the work leaves you energized,” Mahima says. “There is no question that harnessing your true potential leads to greater productivity and satisfaction.”

This, according to Mahima, means that happiness at work is more about finding work that provides expression for individual gifts, rather than allowing society or family to push people into career choices that may be financially rewarding but are disconnected from their purpose. The idea is “to set up your work and life in a way that facilitates you and those around you to reaching their highest potential,” explains Mahima. “The truth of the matter is that happy people are productive people, and true happiness comes from having the opportunity to live out our calling in a meaningful way.”

Other benefits include innovative thinking, which leads to a stronger team at work. But that means employees have to think about their passions and select the right work – and the right direction. “Embracing the zone of genius might mean veering away from job descriptions and strategic plans,” Mahima says. “If you’re willing to take the leap, you’ll be rewarded with ideas that will breathe new life into your work or company.” 

“I translated everything I learned from Mahima into my business,” says client Flavio Cappilli. “What’s happened during these three months has been amazing. I just had the best business month in my life.”

“The great irony with the zone of genius is realizing that it comes naturally to each and every one of us,” Mahima says. “Most people don’t even see it, so they keep pushing and trying to improve their weaknesses, instead of discovering and owning their genius, and putting that to work.”

Mahima is the founder of The Mahima Mindset, a self-mastery platform that empowers business professionals to find clarity, increase passion, stay focused and work from being connected to evolved states of inner potential. Her award-winning mindset training strategies have been used by thousands of top performers globally.

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