Minal Kaerey, Author of Amazon’s Newest Best Seller What If? You Can Break Free, Celebrates by Offering Free Journal

Minal Kaerey is not only a bestselling author but also a leader in the field of financial and business growth consulting. Now, Minal is offering visitors to her website a free journal created specifically to accompany her latest bestseller, What If? You Can Break Free—Your Pathway to Living the Life You Deserve. Designed with love, this journal is the perfect companion for discovering and breaking free from limiting beliefs, developing and achieving goals and dreams, and ultimately living a life on purpose!

What If? You Can Break Free – Your Pathway to Living the Life You Deserve guides those who want to achieve greater things to becoming who they were meant to be. Her joyful, engaging voice and personal anecdotes help readers turn the challenges they face into sources of growth and personal responsibility, leading them to uplift others as well.

According to the author, “Wherever you are in life, you can make the most out of every single day. Your inner source of guidance—your soul—will help you find the answers you need. When you ask the question ‘What if?’ you are quieting your ego and removing judgment in your life, empowering you to face difficult emotions like fear, guilt, and regret.  This book offers a vision for how you can become the person you were meant to be and will start you on the road to a purpose-driven life. When you look back on your life one day, will you be able to say that you have enjoyed life to the fullest? Read What If? and your answer will be ‘yes!’”

To receive the free journal, and for more information about the book and Minal Kaerey’s work, visit www.minalkaerey.com.

About Minal Kaerey:  Minal Kaerey is a financial and business growth consultant, as well as a bestselling author.  Her latest book, What If? You Can Break Free – Your Pathway to Living the Life You Deserve, offers readers a way to engage with themselves, ask hard questions, and ultimately grow into the people they were meant to be.