Mike Mataraza Motivates You!

Mike Mataraza is an internationally renowned speaker who has been inspiring all kind of audiences. He has founded and managed many companies around the world. He attended Agoura high school and later joined university of California in Los Angeles. He has been coaching both individuals and teams for over a decade. Mike Mataraza has spoken in Canada, the U.S., Japan, Africa, Indonesia and Brazil.

He started his first business in Tokyo, Japan when he was only 23, the next business he started was in Thailand after a few years later his 3rd and 4th companies started after his return to the United States. Mike has worked with Anthony Robbins and Brian Tracy both as a speaker, a sales trainer and a success coach touring Canada and the U.S. speaking to over 200 companies a year. Mike is also an author of four famous books which include; “No Pressure persuasion” and “Seven Secrets to Selling Like a Champion”.

He has been life coach for over ten years. During this time, he has had the opportunity of helping other people as well as his clients to break through professional and personal barriers, hence making them achieve things that a majority of them never thought were possible before he started coaching them.

Mike Mataraza different industries and their activities.

Five Colors.

This was the mike first company in Tokyo japan which was involved in building houses for expatriates who have gone there to live for a longer duration of time.

A part from providing housing for expatriates this company provided advice and training to the individuals and corporations.

Mike worked in this company for a period of 2 years 11 months before he left for Thailand for more investments. He later sold this company to a larger company in Japan.

This was the second company which was started by Mike Mataraza in Bankok Thailand after he left japan. It was an advertising and a marketing company which created and sold custom items for companies. This company offered advice, marketing strategies, management skills, motivation and helping entrepreneurs to start their businesses.

Mike as also involved with the Anthony Robbins Companies.

This was a private company with between 201 to 500 employees which deal with coaching industry and professional training. Mike Mataraza worked for this company for about 11years and a half as a speaker, field sales rep and team trainer.

1) Giving motivational presentation and generating the sales during the seminars.
2) Hiring, training and supervising teams of speakers which travel the country to represent the company and generate sales.
3) Writing the scripts.
4) Training and supervising phone salespeople.

he also did same type of work for Brian Tracy International.

Coach With Mike Company.

This company founded was founded by mike in 2003 here he does one on one coaching and also the custom training for companies.

The company’s Specialties are;

Helping the entrepreneurs to start companies.
Helping the existing companies to create greater success and increase sales and create effective online and offline marketing.

Mike has brought a wide experience as a motivational speaker and as an entrepreneur in this company, he has founded so many businesses in United States and in other parts of the world. He is an Executive Coach, sale coach/ sales trainer and Career Coach with over ten years of experience at turning his clients’ dreams into the reality using his Total Focus Coaching System.

Through his experience as head trainer for Brian Tracy and Anthony Robbins he has learned all what it takes to totally change lives. He has developed his own unique style that he believes is honest, realistic and results oriented which he has brought in this company.

The reasons why the company is different and why many people and companies requires its services is because Mike who is the founder of this company has been in the seat as a person who has been able to build four companies in three different countries where the first one was established in Tokyo, Japan when he was 23, the second in Thailand at the age of 27 and the other two more in the United States. He has an experience in both the lows and highs that someone may be going through in his company or in his personal life.

He has had success and challenges with business planning, taxes, hiring, corporate structuring, marketing, leadership and management and many other fields. He doesn’t just give good advice he knows what someone is going through because he has been there hence employing the best management skills in the administration of this company.

Whats Mikes company mission.

To show the clients what is truly possible for them and to help them to get what they truly want out of their life not just only what these clients are willing to accept.

For more information visit http://www.mikemotivatesyou.com