Michael Breeze Helps Organizations Communicate Using Hypnosis

Michael Breeze began his training to become a hypnotist with world-renowned, certified Master Hypnotist, Rick Minter. After completing his studies, he went on to become a certified Hypnotist through his studies with the National Guild of Hypnotists in 2007.

Since the age of 12, Michael has known what he wanted to do. That’s the day a hypnotist visited his school during an assembly, when Michael sat in amazement as his sister and others on stage acted out scenarios as instructed by the hypnotist. From that moment on, he knew that, he too, would one day be on stage as a hypnotist.

There was only one problem; Michael was painfully shy. But with the help of school advisors Burl Solie and Bobby Waitman, Michael overcame his shyness and fear of public speaking. They insisted he stand on stage in front of his peers and give a speech, and since that day, Michael has never looked back.

Michael says he’s always been an entrepreneur. His parents will tell you how he’s thought outside the box since he was 11. That’s when he started his first business, riding his bike through his hometown, Ryan, Oklahoma, selling cards for birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas.

Before Michael became a trainer and coach, he worked full time as a police officer in Duncan, Oklahoma. During this time, Michael helped people overcome unhealthy habits, fears, and phobias with clinical hypnosis. Michael quickly noticed how hypnosis was helping them overcome struggles they’d been dealing with for years.

Michael continued his training, traveling across the nation to study with the best hypnotists in the country; professionals Rick Minter, Brian Dean, Richard Nongard, John Cerbone, Geoff Ronning, Justin Tranz, and Don Spencer.

After this intensive training, he quit his job as a police officer and launched his career as a stage hypnotist, moving to Branson, Missouri, where he performed during the summer at the Tribute Theatre. After Branson, Michael returned to Oklahoma to perform at churches, high schools, colleges, and at corporate engagements.

That’s when Michael realized that his training and skills could help businesses solve their communication problems. While performing at a corporate event, a CEO told Michael that he should be helping businesses, teaching them how to overcome their communication problems.

He continued to develop his interpersonal and communication skills even further, training with and graduating from the John Maxwell Team in February of 2015 as a certified speaker, trainer, and coach.

As Michael dedicated himself to the study of communication and building rapport, he began to simplify the process. The result was a strategy that could apply to any situation–in the workplace and on a personal level–increasing communication skills and allowing people and businesses to connect, as they never could in the past.

Today, Michael helps corporations, individuals, and organizations communicate on a deeper level. He’s combined his coaching and hypnosis training with his skill for building rapport among individuals. His program, the “Rules of Engagement”: F.O.C.U.S. Model, is instrumental in helping companies and organizations learn how to communicate better and on a deeper level.

Michael has noticed that when businesses experience communication issues, symptoms are evident in higher-than-average turnover rates; sub-standard customer service and satisfaction; issues of distrust among coworkers, supervisors, and management; slower production times; and an increase in workplace injury and workers’ compensation claims. These are but a few of the many issues that companies face when people in a company are not communicating.

He notices that most businesses admit they’ve had a problem for a while before they came to see him. It’s probably why the first question they ask him is: When can we begin?

The second question they usually ask him is: How soon will we see results? Michael tells them they can begin to see results, very quickly.

Once someone knows what to do, they can just do it, Michael says. “It’s that simple. It’s like someone learning to play basketball. Unless they were told to dribble the ball as they walked, they’d naturally just walk with the ball, and that would be wrong. But once someone tells them to dribble the ball while playing, from that moment on, they’ll dribble the ball when they move! It’s the same with communication. It’s about knowing the difference, so you can just start doing it differently.”

Michael says that when companies and organizations know there is a communication problem, and they’re not sure what to do, they typically have a meeting. At the meeting, they tell everyone, we have to communicate better. But most of the time, everyone leaves the meeting more frustrated than before.

It just doesn’t work. It’s akin to telling a child just learning to walk, just walk, and then expecting them to get up and walk. A better way would be to take the child through a process–showing and helping them balance on their feet, placing one foot in front of the other, and then repeating the process. Just like teaching a child to walk, communication is a step-by-step process.

Michael says, “Some people are afraid of hypnosis. They believe what they saw in old movies, where the hypnotist makes someone do whatever he wants them to do. But it’s important to understand that hypnosis is a completely natural state; the average person will experience a hypnotic state 15 to 20 times a day. Hypnosis is nothing more than an attention-focusing tool, or many refer to it as visual imagery.”

For individuals and companies who need to communicate better, Michael offers a winning formula that anyone can use, whether at work or in their personal environment. It can increase both individual and professional communication skills, and help people connect and interact with others on a much deeper level than ever before.

He designed his model for successful interpersonal communication into its simplest form so that it can be applied immediately. Michael goes on to say that the majority of people–in their business and personal lives–know they lack good communication skills. But once we develop and hone their communication skills, many other issues become addressed, as well.

Michael added, “to communicate with others successfully, you first must understand that people don’t care what you know until they know that you care. The best way to relay this message is through successful engagement and communicating with others, on a deeper level.”

On a side note, Michael says that people will often ask him how to get to sleep at night, so Michael created a little program to help them sleep better, called, Banish Insomnia. It’s available for free on Michael Breeze’s website at: http://hypnosiswithmike.com/page8.

Michael and his wife, Lindsey, live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where Lindsey attends culinary school. They have two dogs–Lucy and Mooch. In Michael’s spare time, he loves to explore the outdoors where he’s hunting, fishing, water-skiing or out for a jog.

To learn more about Michael Breeze, and how he can help your organization succeed through communication and connecting on a deeper level, visit: http://www.HypnosisWithMike.com, or contact Michael directly at (580) 512-5560.