Media Expert Kevin Nimmo Launches New Consulting Service

Kevin Nimmo, CEO of Celebrity Media Consulting, has seen many changes in his twenty five years in the media business. Having worked in network television, he remembers a time when only a select few could utilize the power and positioning of national media.

“Twenty years ago most small businesses found the cost barrier too great to gain an authoritative media presence. Today the game has changed. By taking advantage of opportunities now available it is possible to stand out from your competitors with strategic placement on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX affiliates along with major national newspapers. Credible third party media exposure can often create a tipping point in the decision making process of the consumer.” Kevin explained.

Internet marketing guru and author Dan Kennedy echos Kevin’s message. “Marketing is getting the right message to the right people via the right media and methods.”

Professionals often find one of the most challenging aspects of operating their business is attempting to separate themselves from established competitors. Authoritative media credibility places a business in a league above their competition. Published articles, interviews and press releases as well as authorship status and radio interviews provide a business owner with a credibility edge that is hard to match. It also places them firmly in the role of educator and can create local celebrity level status. Increased recognition can add to the loyal customer base of a business and allow the business owner to charge premium fees for his knowledge and expertise.

“Kevin has helped me gain an edge in my marketplace and given me valuable recognition in the community. I never realized what a distinct advantage this could create for my business. Now that I can credibly say I’ve been seen on national media it’s been an invaluable PR tool for my business.” said Dr. Michael Stultz, owner and operator of Prescott Chiropractic and Rehab.

These promotional strategies can apply to many different business types. Medical professionals, attorneys, real estate brokers, accountants, health and wellness providers and many others can harness and realize the power of strategic media placement. The playing field has changed and the smart players are taking advantage of the new opportunities to amplify their message and place themselves above their competition.

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