Max Graves Talks Digital Marketing

Getting your business to grow can be challenging to new entrepreneurs.  Many times there are unknown obstacles that hinder business growth in the unique Alaskan business environment.  Maxcell Graves, long time Alaskan and digital marketing expert explains these pitfalls and how to improve you business’s brand through Spinn Marketing.


SBT: Good afternoon and welcome to the show. This is Benjamin Briggs with Alaska business journal and today we have with us Mr. Max Graves, owner and creator of Spinn Marketing, Anchorage’s premier resource for meeting all of your professional marketing needs. Today we’re going to be talking about his impact on how his organization contributes to the professionals in Alaska.  Welcome to the show.

Max Graves: Thank you.

SBT: How long have you been in Alaska?

Max Graves: I’ve been in Alaska for over 30 years and I came up originally in the military. I was a radar operator military and stationed behind the International airport at a missile site.

SBT: Thank you for your service. What is Spinn marketing?

Max Graves: Spinn Marketing is about helping businesses turn their passions in the profits. If you have something that you really have a passion for, we are here the help you market those products or services online through social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest.

SBT: You mentioned LinkedIn, Pinterest and Facebook. So that’s virtual marketing right?

Max Graves: Yes.

SBT: Give us some details about how I would market on Facebook.

Max Graves: When you see something that interest you; most people will see it and “Like it.”  If it impresses you, you may comment on it.  And if it really impresses you, you will share it among you friends.  This is what we try to teach our clients; How to engage those individuals out there and their target market to like, comment and share content concerning their brand and business.

SBT: That’s building social media savvy, right?

Max Graves: Right.

SBT: Do you have anymore of points on how to build social media savvy.

Max Graves: Once we work with you and teach you that process and put those strategies in the play, we move it to another level whereby we say OK now that organically your video or your ad is getting this many hits organically it be a good idea to put out a Facebook ad where the push it out even further. And by you getting these likes comments and shares, it pushes it up higher within the algorithm of the Facebook platform.

SBT: That’s pretty interesting because I never personally liked to hit the boost button. Can you give me an example of consumer behavior with LinkedIn?

Max Graves: Its the same process whereby you would you want to join those particular groups that your potential target market that you’re shooting for and get involved and active with them. You can’t just go in there and say “Hey I’m here he is my product…buy from me!”

SBT: You have to build.

Max Graves: Yes, build trust and build a relationship. You have to strike up a conversation with individuals in the group. This requires commenting on their posts, engaging them, and asking questions.


SBT: How important is a person or a business’s brand?

Max Graves: It makes you stand out. You have to brand yourself so that you are above the white noise. Everybody’s out there trying to get attention and also you have to have a strong call to action to direct them off the platform that you are on to your platform. That is the whole objective. Move to where you have a one on one relationship with them where they’re willing to give you their email. So now you have a one on one with them where you don’t have to use platforms to interact with potential clients.

SBT:  How can my Readers and listener’s contact you?

Max Graves: If they want to get in touch with me they can check out my website at also you can email me at or call (907)575-3282 for more information.


Max Graves

Phone:  (907) 575-3282



Benjamin Briggs

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