Marti Avila Integrative Nutrition Health Coach | Being Healthy Does Not Mean Giving Up What You Love

Marti Avila, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach said in a recent interview, “I want everyone to know how truly easy it is to be healthy.” The biggest misconception about health and wellness is that people think they have to suffer to see any measurable or lasting improvement. In that recent interview, Marti Avila said, “Everybody thinks they have to suffer to be healthy, that they have to give up a lot of fun things, eat foods they don’t like, exercise until they drop, and miss out on the fun of life. That’s a myth.”

Health can be gained and maintained with small and strategic changes that have minimal impact on the joy and fun of life. Furthermore, these small changes make a huge difference in the quality of life many years from now. “Making small adjustments to what you already eat and what you already do, can be the difference between a happy and a miserable life,” said Avila. With a good plan of small, strategic modification that fits naturally into your current behaviors and lifestyle and good coaching support, you can experience a life without pain.

Avila said, “People ask me on a daily basis: Will it be difficult?; Will it be expensive?; and Will it take a lot of time? What they should be asking is: Will I get rid of the pain?; Will I have more energy?; and Will I be able to do the things I use to do?” Pain is the body’s way of telling us that something is wrong. Once the cause of pain is addressed, pain tends to reduce substantially or be eliminated. Similarly, addressing causes of ailments and pain tends to leave the body more energized. Bodies like to move, so as pain reduces and energy increases, activity increases, which builds strength and dexterity so that you can do the things you used to be able to do.

The most important question to ask is: Will I be stronger and better equipped for my older years? Your strength and health will be very important in how you age. People are admitted into assisted living facilities because they can no longer get around by themselves, aren’t as mobile as they used to be, or can’t accomplish small necessary tasks. For example, if you cannot accomplish a half squat comfortably and repeatedly, then you will not be able to get up from a chair or off a toilet without assistance. This kind of deficit will automatically make you a candidate for assisted living facilities.

Marti Avila is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach as well as an Ayurveda Practitioner, a Dr. Daniel Amen Brain Health Specialist, and a Corporate Wellness Facilitator with over 40 years of experience. Marti splits her time between San Diego North County and Las Vegas. Thanks to the wonder of the Internet she serves clients all over the world.

You can see more about Marti Avila, San Diego Integrative Nutrition Health Coach at her website Or, call (702) 370-3427.