Martha Boyer Overcomes Adversity To Re-establish A Thriving Real Estate Brokerage

Top producing real estate professional Martha Boyer has lived and worked in Willingboro, NJ for over 30 years. Her allegiance and loyalty is clear when she talks about the area; there is a love and appreciation for the businesses, parks, amenities and residents in the Willingboro area.

“Within 10 minutes you can be anywhere you want, you can do anything that you want,” says Boyer. “From trampoline parks, to bowling, to ethnic restaurants to everything in between. That’s one of the beauties of Willingboro.”

Boyer began her real estate career as a receptionist, and after seeing a real estate agent’s joy when matching the right house with the right buyer, she was compelled to look into becoming an agent herself. Boyer was struck by the agent’s enthusiasm for helping people. Today, this commitment to helping people achieve “The American Dream” is what drives her in her successful career.

She loves the most about her work: “The people. I just love the people. I love the opportunity and it sounds cliché, but it’s like it was yesterday. It’s still the same for me to help a homebuyer or seller to achieve that dream. To get them through it.”

Boyer takes pride in the fact that she doesn’t shy away from challenges or conflict. She faces them head-on and sees the process through with every buyer.

“The other thing that keeps you in the game are the challenges. There is always a challenge, I say to my staff, there’s always a cloud waiting to rain on your closing, but that’s part of the challenge I like about the business. With people, dealing with people, comes challenges – and that’s exciting.”

Seeing a challenge as motivation and not just an obstacle is part of Martha Boyer’s winning attitude and recipe for success. It’s why she continues to be one of the top producing agents in the area, and her company Imani Realty and Associates keeps growing in its positive reputation.

This fighting spirit has seen her through the challenges of the real estate industry as a whole as well. It went through a lot of turbulence beginning in 2007, and many agents and brokers didn’t make it. Boyer attributes her ability to persevere in the face of tremendous odds to faith and family, as well as her commitment to succeed.

Boyer says her faith is paramount. “I believe that it’s essential to have a core. I believe I have to work hard, but I just know we’re all my blessings come from.”

When advising real estate investors, her advice is to fix and enhance the property in order to maximize profits. She says there are emerging opportunities for investors in the market at this time, but buyers are looking to be catered to.

Time Magazine mirrors this sentiment in a recent article, noting, “Today’s buyers are demanding. They’re savvier about market dynamics and data and want to see houses on their own schedule.”

Martha Boyer continues to put her decades of experience into helping Willingboro area buyers to achieve the American dream.

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