Marnina Reid, San Diego Holistic Health Practitioner And Coach | Treating A Symptom Is Not The Same As Healing The Ailment

Marnina Reid, a San Diego Holistic Health Practitioner and Coach says, “I really believe that everything can be healed if one wants to commit to the healing process.” Healing includes an awareness of the big picture and clarity about why someone might be motivated to commit to certain healing processes. Healing is not an immediate event. People who understand why they want restoration of health and well-being, why they want to be whole and healthy, are more likely to make a commitment to their healing process.

Often, people look for immediate healing and mistake conventional medicine’s use of medications as an immediate solution. However, medications are generally taken, and even prescribed, to relieve symptoms. Sometimes, people think that the alleviation of symptoms is the same as healing and health. But healing takes time no matter what method one uses. Furthermore, reconciled symptoms does not mean healing has occurred, which is why people relapse or develop other symptoms shortly after conventional treatments.

Holistic health approaches and coaching look to the root of health concerns, as well as the bigger picture around one’s health concerns to uncover the layers of healing that result in full restoration of health and well-being. According to Marnina Reid, “I would emphasize that addressing the root versus just covering up the symptoms is what makes holistic healing holistic.” It’s important to incorporate the whole of one’s self when committing to health, not just the physical part, but also the mental, emotional, and even spiritual part of one’s self. Reid said, “Focusing on one part out of the whole leaves us off balance.” For example, focusing on just the physical problem of, and treating just the symptoms of, chronic or migraine headaches is likely to cause temporary relief, but reoccurrences and future problems, because the cause is left unaddressed and the non-physical part of a whole being is ignored.

To help people make a commitment to their health they should ask themselves these questions about their health concern. First, what will it end up costing me if I don’t do anything about this issue or ailment? What will my life be like being free of this ailment or issue or [fill in your own blank]? Lastly, is healing worth the effort to address the core root of this issue or ailment or [fill in your own blank]?

An honest appraisal of these questions will help you determine the level of your commitment. There are answers to obtaining health and healing for any issue or ailment. You can rest in the knowledge that there are ways to heal using alternative methods alone or in combination with modern medicine. Reid explains that when you find the right practitioner or practitioners to guide your healing process, you will “leave the meeting feeling a little better, with a sense that an internal shift has taken place. You will leave with a little bit of relief, as if some inner sense that is supporting your desire for health is telling you that things are on track.”

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