Marketing Superstar Jody Jelas Explains the Brilliance Behind Amazon’s Drone Annoucement

 It doesn’t matter whether or not will ever be able to provide 30-minute deliveries with their drone-like “octocopters.” The reality is that CEO Jeff Bezos has captured the world’s imagination with his announcement. “It’s brilliant,” says international marketing superstar Jody Jelas.

“Over the years, has built up a virtually unshakable amount of trust and likeability,” explains Jody. “So when they went on 60 Minutes to say that they’re going to fly your order directly to your door, everyone wants to learn more. I expect their Christmas sales to break records.”

For more than 13 years, Jody Jelas has been turning speakers, authors, entrepreneurs, and niche-market experts into rock-star business gurus using a simple online business model she calls the BOOM Formula. Her step-by-step brand building and marketing system creates instant online fame by getting prospects to know, like, and trust through video.

“I help people extract their best knowledge and turn it into an online leveraged program with my BOOM! Formula system. This proven and repeatable system works for business folk in any market niche,” Jody explains.

The BOOM! Formula is a simple and automated sales funnel that turns cold leads into paying clients. She teaches how to leverage effective branding, the power of video blogs, Facebook marketing, and other marketing tools to build a loyal customer base.

Jody is the author of Boobs, Heel & Business: Proven Strategies to Build a Lifestyle Business You Freakin’ Love Just by Being You.

“Behind all of the techniques and strategies I teach, the most important thing is to be yourself,” shares Jody. “Let your personality shine through and prospects will hire you or buy from you because they know, like, and trust you.”

She’s been a star-making online entrepreneur since she started a web design business when she was just 21. Jody’s instant success made her one of the youngest “Business Women of the Year” awards finalists. Jody has turned her clients into raving fans.

“Jody is the best in the world at what she does. You can try to do it yourself or use Jody’s tried and tested system. With her, you’ll generate leads, customers, and profits. Without her, well, I don’t even want to think about that,” says client Craig Valentine.

Client Garret J. White says, “I turned over $937,000 in 2013 thanks to Jody’s marketing funnel. That was a 100% increase in my business from last year.”

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