Marketing Strategist, Diana M. Needham, Shares Top Reasons To Become A Published Author

Wondering why you should care about writing book to grow your business? You are not alone, as this is one of the questions many entrepreneurs, speakers, and consultants ask themselves. You may be thinking that you are not a good writer, it will take too long, or I have no idea what I’d write about. Or perhaps your business is local and clients come to you. You do not have an online reach or audience. There are certain advantages every published author enjoys – whether you run a local business, have an online reach, or both. Needham shares the top reasons for becoming a published author.

First, you become an accredited instant expert. Being a published author provides a major shortcut in reputation-building and industry credibility. It increases promotional opportunities. This is true both locally and online. Launching a book gives you instant opportunities to send out press releases, hold local book signings, conduct workshops, and become a desired guest for local media.

You become a local celebrity. With all these promotion opportunities, you stand a good chance of increasing your visibility in your community. Being an author brings you to the attention of pre-qualified customers or clients. It is not just that you can “get more clients” with more visibility, thanks to your book. You are now more in demand.

Being a published author builds your confidence. Have you ever stood in front of a client; or in front of a meeting or workshop audience; and thought: “Why would they ever want to listen to me?” If you have, you will especially appreciate this particular benefit. Think of the 95% of your competitors who have never even so much as published an original article and knowing that you are holding in your hand (or displaying on the screen behind you) something others only dream about achieving will automatically boost your confidence – and help you capture your audience, with assurance.

You don’t have to spend thousands on advertising dollars. In fact, if you produce your book mostly or entirely by yourself (which is not hard), you can reap financial benefits for a very low investment. The types of returns are:

  • More customers – Ready to buy what you’re selling
  • More clients – So you can be more choosy, and pick ideal clients who are willing to pay more
  • Paid opportunities – invitations to be keynote speaker at local and national business or industry events
  • Commanding a higher fee for those paid opportunities – as well as for teaching classes or holding workshops or other events
  • Commanding a higher price for your specialty “signature” product

Position yourself properly to receive these benefits as part of your small business marketing strategy, and you will be miles ahead not only of your local competition, but of other entrepreneurs and business owners in your area of expertise.

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