Marketing Consultant John Scott Harrison – New School Entrepreneur With Old School Values

When asked about his opinion of the most important thing in business – he answered keeping true to your word. “I feel like that’s something that has been lost in the passing of generations. Keeping your word and staying honest is something that not a lot of people value anymore.” Meet John Scott Harrison, the son of successful product developer, Scott Harrison. As a Business Management graduate of Luther College, Harrison has spent every moment he can helping businesses grow while remaining honest.

Maybe there really is something to Harrison’s view. In a consumer study done by Consumer Research Group, they found that business dishonesty is the most disliked trait among consumers today. From businesses missing scheduled appointment times, to businesses quoting one price and charging another. It seems that with several businesses, this has become the “new norm.”

“One of the things that make me different is that I stay current on all the changes and trends in our world. With companies today advertising to only one of the four generations that are alive today, it’s important to remember and market to all the generations while staying current on the ever changing channels of ways to reach them.” Daniel Joseph, President of Indigo Performance Group echoes his statement, “The world around us is always changing. The channels we use to reach them must continue to change as well – otherwise our businesses will die.”

When asked about his most important value in today’s business world, Harrison answers “Integrity – doing the right thing when no one is looking. Having the courage to face the business owner if something you said will work – doesn’t. Or being able to give a company realistic expectations based on what you’ve seen in the past.”

He explains, companies are putting their trust in you to help them. In some cases they even trust you to save them. If you don’t have any integrity, not only will you end up hurting that business, but you’ll eventually end up hurting the people they care about.

“Old School” values still live on.