Mark Evans DM Reveals How to Quickly Grow Your Roth IRA by Investing in Real Estate

With the April 15th tax return filing deadline quickly approaching, real estate investing coach and creator of One Buck Deals, Mark Evans, DM, DN explains how to rapidly boost the value of your Roth IRA. “You can contribute the maximum allowable to your Roth IRA each year and never invest enough money for retirement,” says Mark.

Instead of relying on the unpredictable stock market to grow wealth, Mark reveals a wealth building secret: use your IRA to invest in real estate. “Real estate is an excellent vehicle for generating wealth,” explains Mark. “I’ll show you how you can quickly grow your IRA by using it to control millions of dollars of real estate with One Buck Deals that require no credit and a dollar bill.”

The IRS allows an IRA to own property. As a legal entity, it can buy, sell, and exchange real estate while still providing the individual investor with tax-deferred or tax free financial benefits. The appreciation of the real estate and any income stream generated belongs to the IRA.

“One of the best things about One Buck Deals is that it’s a revenue generation model that works in any geographical market and under any market conditions,” Mark explains. “There are always motivated buyers and sellers. I help my clients find the right people and connect them together.”

Mark is a real estate investing coach, seven-time best-selling author, and full-time world traveler. As a lifelong student of marketing, he has developed an effective method of creating multiple income streams that has allowed him to live life on his own terms. Having enjoyed fantastic success, Mark is sharing what he has learned to help others achieve their financial and life goals.

Mark Evans, DM, DN has earned the title “deal maker” because of his reputation for making problem-resolving deals. That’s what the DM stands for. He also lives a lifestyle that allows him to grow his business from wherever he is in the world. He’s a Digital Nomad – that’s what the “DN” stands for.

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