Mario And Cherie Pia Grassa: Hair And Makeup Beauty Experts | Reconnect Your Beauty And Health

What strikes you immediately about the vibe of Hairspray ‘N Gloss Salon & Studio in the Riverside neighborhood of Toronto, Ontario, is the sincere desire of the owners Mario and Cherie (pronounced “Sherry”) to connect personally with their clients, and make them feel incredible after a consultation or appointment.

In most larger hair salons and makeup studios, the business is only growing by rushing as many clients as possible, through every chair, every day. Mario states that the difference with each client of Hairspray ‘N Gloss, is the amount of time they put into focusing on each client, leaving the chair that day with a perfect cut.

This is a key pillar of Mario’s training from Vidal Sassoon: taking the extra time with every client to ensure they feel incredible after a cut, and they get to enjoy truly “wash ‘n go” hair.

It comes naturally to focus on their clients and the results of their service: Mario Grassa began his training early in his childhood, from his father who was a professional barber. He’s been working professionally now for nearly 20 years as a professional stylist, and through that time he’s had clients who begin seeing him in their teens, through high-school and college graduations, past career milestones, weddings and even into their own families, who they bring in for the same level of service and attention. Mario’s passion is to transform a client’s hair to suit the shape of their face.

When it comes to makeup, Cherie says, “I love to transform faces through the art of applying makeup. Makeup is the secret weapon that gives every woman more confidence when they face the world. Who would think that applying lipgloss or a touch of blush can instantly change someone’s mood? It can fix anything, even if it’s just for a moment.”

Originally Mario and Cherie worked together in a busy salon, frequently taking side jobs of weddings and fashion shoots. A little over 5 years ago they were in the building at 9 Davies Ave. working on a photo shoot, when they fell in love with the location and the space. Not long after, a studio space became available and they’ve been there ever since. Many of their clients followed them from other events and salons, creating a loyal family of clients. Hairspray ‘N Gloss studio also frequently hosts family day promotions and other community connection events.

What’s different about the retail line of Hairspray ‘N Gloss is that they only have a few product lines; the products are all exclusively organic, and natural, and specifically chosen because they are safe for use by clients who have sensitivities or whose immune systems are impacted by cancer. They are sulfate free and paraben free. These products are PPD free – PPDs are extremely harmful and in 95% of salon products. They’re great with the clients who have a sensitive scalp – experiencing no itching or burning. Sensitive individuals can react poorly to most beauty products, something Mario can speak about from his own experience being afflicted with chemically burnt skin.

Hair Salon Products and Color Applications: Sojourn, Kevin Murphy, Goldwell

Makeup Studio Products and Applications: Veil Cosmetics is paraben free, oil free, water-based, sweat proof, smudge proof, great for weddings and events.

Cherie loves to provide insights for clients through a makeup consultation: she can show you how to use makeup to make the most of your features, using only products that are safe for you. She also can provide an update of your daily makeup regimen, and how to do makeup applications including special effects like contouring. She’s there “to teach women makeup is for everyday, not just for special events.” Cherie offers a seasonal makeup consultation, or “transition” consultation – for a new job, new baby, or new marriage. It doesn’t have to be complicated – even 1 simple update can make a huge difference.

Male clients have a special connection with Mario – they book haircuts in advance and come in time and again. The time Mario takes on his male client cuts help create an experience like a “time out” from everything; finished with a shave, they leave the studio feeling transformed, prepared, and powerful.

Mario and Cherie are both experienced mentors and they welcome junior stylists to consider joining their Hairspray ‘N Gloss family. Their studio space reflects their family values approach to business, a loft with oversized windows and high ceilings; the space is open and creative, and boasts a stunning and inspiring view of the Toronto skyline.

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