Marine Mom Abandons Art And Encourages Support Of Troops

Why would any artist take the time to create art, abandon it in the most unlikely places, and allow  complete strangers to find it and keep it for free?  Recently, I caught up with Kaprice Crawford to get an answer to this question.

Crawford, the dynamic Director of Member Services for NAHFA,  North American Home Furnishings Association, Marine Mom and “Art Abandonment” participant has an astonishing answer. She says, “I  create and abandon art as a means of paying kindness forward. Art Abandonment is comprised of many individual people across the globe who create art and give it away free to anyone. “Really?” I queried. “Yes,” Crawford replied, “It truly is free for the taking.”

She continues, “While I did not start the ‘Art Abandonment’ movement, I am passionate about it and realize how it can truly connect humankind in positive ways. While there are no formal rules of engagement for ‘Art Abandonment,’ my personal art creations feature a small notation on the back of each piece. The notation simply says; ‘This art is free for the taking, but our freedom is not free! Please remember to pray for our U.S. Marines and simply thank them for their service. I also sign it, a ‘Marine Mom’.”

Crawford emphasizes, “There is truly no requirement for the random recipient of the art to do anything at all. That said, just sending our Marines good will and kind thoughts go a long way. Plus, as we all know, in this digital age, word of mouth is viral. I like to think that somewhere, somehow, a Marine’s life is held up in a positive, loving light and that some random act of kindness may ensue.”

It is important to note that Crawford, in her professional role as “Membership Director” at NAHFA, also provides creative insights, pivotal leadership, and business intermediary activities on behalf of  NAHFA members.

It certainly appears that her orientation towards service is drawn from a much deeper well…called the heart.

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