Marina Del Rey Physician Dr. Shawn Abrishamy Offers Fear-Free Skin Rejuvenation With Customized Non-Cutting Liquid Facelift Treatment

A new non-surgical treatment developed by Shawn Abrishamy M.D. of Clear Medical in Marina del Rey, Calif., offers an alternative that can provide results similar to a facelift without cutting the skin. The procedure, called a “liquid facelift,” is a less-invasive option for those who want younger-looking skin without the risks associated with surgery and general anesthesia.

“The liquid facelift is the next best thing to a surgical facelift,” explains Dr. Abrishamy. “In a traditional facelift, the skin is cut, lifted and pulled to tighten the skin and diminish the look of wrinkles. The results of the liquid facelift aren’t as dramatic as a pull-and-lift, but it softens wrinkles by resurfacing and tightening the skin. It’s an excellent option for those who don’t yet need a full facelift, but still want to see major improvement in their skin.”

In the liquid facelift, multiple modalities are combined to create individualized treatment plans and results. Typically, the procedure combines liquid injectables, such as volumizers and Botox, with CO2 lasering procedures to address fine lines, sun damage and wrinkles while also tightening the skin.

In addition to the aesthetic benefits of the liquid facelift, the procedure is considerably less painful and requires less recovery time than its surgical counterpart. “We do everything we can to make the patient comfortable during the procedure,” says Dr. Abrishamy. Afterwards, he says, patients often experience some swelling and a sensation that is akin to an intense sunburn, but most patients are ready to return to work after a week —compared to a month of recovery for traditional facelifts.

Patient Nancy Nisi says, “I have had several services including hair removal, Botox, Restylane, and most recently the FX laser treatment. Dr. Shawn Abrishamy is kind, patient and he really listens to what the patient wants. But the best part is: The results. All of the procedures that I have had, I have been happy with. He has successfully set my clock back!”

Dr. Abrishamy cautions that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach that will work for all patients. For that reason, Clear Medical center offers individualized treatment plans based on each patient’s unique anatomy, skin type and treatment goals. “Every patient is different, and everyone has their own goals and desired outcomes. Some people have more of an issue with skin texture; some are more concerned with wrinkles and sagging skin around their mouths or eyes; some want to focus on sun damage and discoloration,” says Dr. Abrishamy. “Our treatments are designed for the individual patient, to target the issues that he or she is concerned about. It’s not a cookie-cutter approach by any means.”

Clear Medical is located at 4560 Admiralty Way, Suite 200 in Marina del Rey, Calif. Additional information about Dr. Abrishamy, Clear Medical and the liquid facelift is available at:

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