“Major Must Haves” Blogger Inspires Budget-Conscious Women In A Fashion Rut

For the past four years, Tanya Major has been writing the “Major Must Haves” blog that has caught the attention of numerous African-American women from 18 to 45. She has been featured in magazines such as Hip Hop Weekly alongside many celebrity’s like Chris Brown, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Hudson and more. Tanya Major provides inspiration and motivation for a community eager to hear her unique voice. We caught up with Tanya for a brief interview where she chose to share a few of her thoughts.

Major Must Haves helps the struggling girls in a “fashion rut” and in need of inspiration. As Tanya Major puts it, “My blog helps women with a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear.” She expands, “Sometimes people go through my blog and end up having the same items. It may not be the exact same color but same/similar item will help them get ideas about how to put outfits together.”

Tanya has a section especially for the budget-conscious fashionista with outfits under $100. Her main outfit priority is comfort and the fit of the item. She told us that the wearer needs to feel comfortable to exude confidence, and confidence is what will make the difference.

She says that the most common misconception about her blog is that it’s an easy thing to do. Major thoroughly researches to find the most effective combinations to stay on trend but with her own flare. “It takes a lot of work,” she explains.  “Taking photographs, keeping up with trends and the technical details involved in maintaining a website makes this part-time passion a full-time job.” She is still however, challenging herself to think outside of the box.

The hard work is no problem for Major. She is very passionate about her blog and knew at an early age that this was the direction she wanted to go in life. She studied business and marketing and went to beauty school but she seemed destined to pursue fashion. Even her close friends and colleagues come to her for fashion tips and advice.

Tanya also works with a variety of high-end retailers, including GAP, Old Navy, Barney’s, Sax Fifth Avenue, and Victoria’s Secret, who can be found in her online visual mall page. Often, clothing items can be purchased for less at Major Must Haves thanks to Tanya’s industry connections.

Her fashion influences include Racheal Zoe, Victoria Beckham, Mira Duma and Rihanna. To get inspired Tanya indulges in reading other blogs such as Cupcakes and Cashmere, Atlantic to Pacific and Style Pantry to name a few. In closing, we asked Tanya for her best fashion tips. True to form, she had this quick, easy to remember advice, “Always have a tailor, take a risk, and don’t take yourself too seriously :).”

You can find Tanya Major at http://www.majormusthaves.com. Her “Summer Must Haves” will be coming shortly. She also has sections on home decor, cooking, and bedding.


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