Madison Energy Group CEO Will Geist Brings Green Energy To The Food Industry And Helps Restaurants Trim Cost

In a tight economy, restaurants and supermarket chains continually seek out ways to trim overhead. What most miss in their search, though, is the understanding that one triangle area firm realized long ago and placed at the core of their business model: food doesn’t respond to temperature the same way air does.

So, as millions of supermarket and restaurant chains continually spend hundreds of thousands on new HVAC units and refrigeration techniques, Madison Energy Group CEO, Will Geist, piloted a new approach and his company is now realizing the fruits – literally – of that labor. Nationwide, clients are pouring in, finally embracing the idea that refrigeration has more to do with what you’re refrigerating than how you do it.

“The concepts of green technology and green energy have existed for over a decade, but the most effective solutions are those that require a paradigm shift in the way people think. EnerG² is that type of technology. It capitalizes on a fundamental flaw in the way that food product is kept cold,” said Geist in a recent interview.

“We’ve developed a very unique solution with EnerG² that allows our clients to significantly reduce their energy costs with minimal expense. This is key in a sector where many solutions have long term returns on investment,” noted Geist.

At the very essence of the EnerG² product is the idea that organic matter doesn’t cool (or warm, for that matter) at the same rate as air does. So, Geist’s mission has been to educate the restaurant, supermarket, and food service industries as to how to most efficiently accomplish maintained climate while avoiding excruciatingly obnoxious electric bills. As expected, many companies began paying attention, as well as paying for Madison Energy Group’s services.

The company is now at the cutting edge of the green technology movement, and Geist himself has literally trimmed millions of dollars in energy costs for restaurants – ranging from McDonald’s to Rainforest Café – across the country, relying not only on the cost savings motivation, but indeed the Green Restaurant Association’s approval. Madison Energy Group’s clients receive green points from the Green Restaurant Association, and this in turn leads conscientious consumers to walk in the door.

“Madison’s proprietary EnerG² technology is a unique and relatively inexpensive product that allows our clients with cooling and refrigeration needs to maximize the efficiency of their equipment and, in turn, reduces their cost to operate,” says Vincent D’Ambrosio, SVP of Hill International.

Moreover, it’s the cost savings as well as the environmentally-friendly aspect of Geist’s work that he appreciates. “When I walk into one of our clients’ businesses and see it humming along, knowing it’s running more energy-efficiently and more profitably because of EnerG², it puts a smile on my face to think about the contribution we’ve made not only to that business, but to the environment. EnerG² is truly where green technology meets green cash.”

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