Lynne Jacob – International Business Advisor Provides the Vehicle to Business Growth and Lifestyle Success for Entrepreneurs

After working in the legal industry for a quarter of a century, Canadian Lynne Jacob learned about professional coaching and found a new passion and focus for her life – helping others to improve their personal performance in business.

Lynne became enmeshed with the trades industries when she got called upon to become the general contractor for her own home that she was building. As she interacted with the trade contractors who were helping her build her house, she realized they could use her own help with their businesses and their roles reversed. Working with trade contractors has been the focus for her, as a business advisor, for the last ten years.

Lynne says, “Primarily, I find that a business owner is working really hard. He struggles and struggles, finding different ways to make his business work. He achieves a certain level of success, but the struggle hasn’t gone away. It just looks different. He’s not having any fun. And at the end of the day, at the end of the year, he’s not making any money for all the struggles he’s going through.”

Further, she states that as these business owners get older, they can’t revert back to a small, one-man operation because they physically can’t do the work. They’re wearing their bodies out.

Lynne Jacob is an expert at helping trade contractors to get better business results. Many of her clients triple their profits within a few months, triple their sales, and triple their time off – and, that time off is packed with fun. They start enjoying more time with their families and taking more real vacations.

By changing their business strategies and their personal mindset, she is able to help them also change the mindset of the business and the employees. The business owners put systems in place so that they work on their business, not in the business.

“I just love helping people have more fun in life and having a hell of a lot more disposable income to have more fun in life with,” says Lynne. “At the end of the day, for me, it’s all about them having a happy, loving family life. The business is simply a vehicle to deliver us and our family to the lifestyle of our dreams. I help them become championship leaders so that they can lead the All-Star team and reach those dreams.”

Josee LeBlanc, of LeBlanc Custom Homes, states, “Before working with Lynne, we were having cash flow issues and we were needing to see more profit. I was not realizing what I liked and didn’t like in my job description. Since working with Lynne, I now do what I love to do. There is a much more positive atmosphere at work. We are having fun, seeing more profits and we are leading our business.”

Lynne Jacob is a business growth expert who helps her clients to uplevel not only their businesses, but also their personal lifestyles.

A no-nonsense advisor, her clients find her to be highly focused on holding them accountable to follow through on the decisions and changes they’ve decided would help them reach their goals.

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