Louisiana Real Estate Expert CJ Johnson Cautions Realtors “The Days Of Driving Miss Daisy” Are Over

CJ Johnson, the wildly successful owner of 3Chix Realty, suggests that the times in her industry have changed drastically and urges colleagues to adapt to the new real estate landscape. In this article, Johnson provides a few insider tips to help fellow realtors succeed at a higher rate while facing ever-changing and increasingly competitive market conditions.

Johnson had first been bitten by the real estate bug when she went to work for a golf resort community that was still early in the development stage. “That was 12 years ago,” recalls Johnson. “Since then I have had the good fortune of working for a commercial broker and in management positions for two of the largest real estate companies in the Gulf South.”

Three years ago she decided that the entrepreneurial path was more her style so she and her business partner started 3Chix Realty. Having been in both the commercial and retail side of the industry, CJ Johnson is able to provide a unique perspective to the local trends and market conditions. When asked what changes she has seen over recent history Johnson had this to say, “Real estate buyers and sellers (particularly residential clients) are much more informed since real estate has become a technology driven industry.” Johnson continues, “The days of Miss Daisy throwing clients in her Cadillac and running them all over creation are over.”

When asked to elaborate, Johnson continued, ” The information available to consumers is almost overwhelming. But all of this information helps people hone in on what they truly need in a home, as well as desired amenities. It also allows them to make more of their own decision as to whether a property is a good investment and if they are getting top dollar when they are selling their home.” Johnson adds,  “Clients are also much more likely to make their own decisions with very little input from their realtor. However, buyers and sellers are looking for data from their agent as far as market value, strong negotiation skills and a top notch marketing plan for internet and social media when selling their home.”

If the role of the realtor is becoming somewhat diminished in the buyer/seller transactions one must wonder what modern day realtors can do to remain relevant.  According to Johnson a lot of it comes back to marketing, “Invest in the best website you can afford with SEO specialists to drive traffic to you and never underestimate the power of social media.” She points out, “We have sold three homes this year the first day on the market directly from Facebook postings.”

Selling houses online is certainly more appealing than “running clients all over creation” as Johnson puts it. When asked to comment on dealing with competition and changes in technology, Johnson replied, “Don’t be afraid to think outside the box,  ask industry experts for their opinion,  and thoroughly evaluate demographic data.” Finally, Johnson adds, “Constantly apply what you learn. Don’t be afraid to change as technology changes. It is critical to keep up!”

To learn more about CJ Johnson and her real estate services in Louisiana please feel free to call her directly on her cell phone at 225-610-2729, via email at myrealestatechick@gmail.com or visit her website at: http://www.cj.3chixrealty.com .