Louis F. Vargas, Global Consultant and Author, Maverick CEO Behind Two 2014 “Inc. 500” Companies: Local Leads HQ and Strategic Edge Profits

We recently caught up with Louis F. Vargas at Local Leads HQ, a Fortune 500, small business consulting and marketing company, and Strategic Edge Profits, a business training, coaching and educational company. Louis F. Vargas is a well-known global business growth consultant, marketing authority, speaker and co-author of the recent #1 Amazon marketing best-seller “The Authority Mindset.”

He is also the CEO that heads up these two companies that made it to the 2014, “Inc. 500.”  Their “Got Sales Leads?” cross-channel marketing campaign was a catalyst for new customer acquisition. This is the fourth time in a row that Local Leads HQ has made it onto the prestigious annual list of the Fastest Growing Companies in America. This is thefirst year on the Inc. 500 for Strategic Edge Profits. Interestingly, this maverick entrepreneur he has also founded another company, Strategic Marketing & Media Corporation, that was chosen for the 2007 Inc. 500.

Vargas commented, “The fact that both of our companies that have different business models have been chosen for the Inc. 500 and HB 500 [Hispanic Business 500] reflects two things: (1) How hard our management and staff work to produce massive ROI results for our clients, and (2) That the marketing strategies and patented marketing systems we implement, which by the way bring floods of new clients, patients or customers to our client’s doors, work! We have had only two clients cancel in the past year.”

Local Leads HQ, (http://www.localleadshq.com) ranked #173 on the 2004 Inc. 500 list and is a digital direct response, SEO and marketing consulting company whose clients include Fortune 500’s, small to medium size companies, colleges, service firms, and professional healthcare providers, law firms and financial service industry businesses. Vargas also stated that, “At Local Leads HQ we work with businesses who have a minimum annual revenue of $1M. If they’re not there yet, then we make a referral for them to work 1:1 with our strategic consulting partner company, Strategic Edge Profits, to create a business and marketing strategy and blueprint that will get them there.”

Strategic Edge Profits is a by-invitation only business consulting and educational training company that helps start-ups, business owners, and struggling small businesses, according to Vargas, quickly go from “Surviving” to “Thriving” mode. Strategic Edge Profits creates 1:1 personalized coaching and consulting 7-Figure Business blueprints and it also produces educational webinars, live instructional events, and online educational training for its members.

On a last note Vargas shared a success story with us, “A midsize auto dealer client called and said he needed me there the same day! Prior to our engagement they had an up and down time with calls or leads [“ups” in the auto world jargon] – but nothing steady. It was a major client for our company so I re-arranged a few things and arrived at their showroom later in the day. Our CFO and I walk in not knowing why the urgency of the matter. It turns out they had put together a “Thank You Party” for our company and staff [the CFO was in on it and our Las Vegas corporate staff was there as well]. We had managed to get them 340 inbound leads and a 4:1 ROI. All in 90 days time. We have many more stories like that in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Washington, DC and many places across the country, even the world. That’s what we strive to do…take a struggling business and tinker with critical internal things, implement our funnels, implement our marketing and conversion systems and turn things around. We have a long list of happy clients who have written rave reviews of what we have accomplished for them and how we have, in some instances, been able to save their businesses from failure. That’s business with a real purpose in mind.”

Vargas mentioned that their companies do not work with everyone as there is a review/application process required. Why? “For example, a business needs to have certain things in place, we need to assess if they can follow-up on our recommendations, and we also need to see if we are mutually a fit. You can’t run a marathon one day after you have decided to take up running – slow and steady always wins the race. In business it’s the same thing,” Vargas explains.

If you own a business, are a professional or a CEO needing help on increasing revenues contact them right away. Vargas invited readers to follow and connect with him on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/louisfvargasauthorceo). The company contact information is: Local Leads HQ | http://www.LocalLeadsHQ.com  | Email: info@localleadshq.com.

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