Local SEO Expert, Alex Costner Asks, “Is It Time To Reconsider SEO In 2015?”

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) may have a bad reputation among local businesses as millions got slapped by Google back in 2012 with Penguins and Pandas which resulted in businesses losing profits, laying off staff and even going bankrupt or folding. But, just like the housing market, SEO is making a strong comeback in 2015.

Alex Costner, a young SEO expert explains what is working now and why SEO is actually easier than ever because of the Google changes made in the past.

“Back in 2008 the housing market collapsed and people lost a lot. Many investors who were buying and selling homes got out of the market and only a few were left. The same has happened with SEO. After the major Google updates in 2012, many SEO companies lost a huge percentage of their clients and ended up moving on to other ventures. This has made it actually easier to rank for local businesses. So many local business sites got penalized and are still hanging out to dry. That, coupled with less SEO’s out there to compete with, mean things are looking bright for local businesses that choose to use SEO in 2015 to attract more customers.”

Costner has also been studying the trends of the past months and says, “Reputation, Trust and Authority are paramount when building an online presence for any local business.”

Review sites continue to hold authority in Google’s eyes and getting on the map with 5 star reviews is one of the best and easiest things a local business can do to get more customers.

Owning your name is another important task. When people search for your business name online, what do they see? It is important to own all 10 results on the page and have a great reputation.  You can do this by using the authority sites Google loves such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to control your presence on the first page. That is what today’s customers are looking for. A company they feel they can trust when parting with their hard earned money.”

Costner also goes on to explain that there should be no fear from local businesses about upcoming Google updates if they learn to control their SEO the right way. Less is more when it comes to building links and themed links are more powerful than unrelated links.

That is what the team at AlexCostner.com focuses on when working with local business clients. They never want to put a local business in jeopardy of falling foul of the next Google algorithm, so they like to control the links and be able to move quickly when changes occur.

To find out more about Alex Costner and how to take advantage of the recent trends in SEO, you can visit: http://AlexCostner.com.