Local Businesses Can Make A Difference And Get A Free Mobile App

Need a new way to get to customers in your area and fill those slow days? Well there is an opportunity for you to achieve that as well as gain new customers, and all while helping a local school. This can be accomplished by participating in a “buy one, get one free” mobile app initiative for schools. With a quick push of a button, you can send special offers, share a quick video message, or fill an appointment right from your own mobile app by joining a local public relations agency, Media Authority Marketing, who is offering free PR to local businesses that partner up with them to purchase a mobile app for a school.

As a local business you can also help ease the tension many parents feel these days due to all of the tragedies that have happen at schools around the country, as well as support the faculty to run schools more efficiently. Now more than ever there is a great need for a better form of daily communication between parents, the school, faculty and students, as well as in the case of an emergency. That’s where the buy one, get one free mobile app initiative between local business and schools can play a great part in helping achieve that goal. Those who participate in this program and your business will receive a mobile app for free, which will enable you to communicate with your current customers easily and more often.

A new brand of marketing can help support local schools and also offset the technological cost. It gives businesses the opportunity to gain new customers and market to local customers by sponsoring a school or nonprofit. “It’s more effective than the old days of hanging a banner, having a logo on a sports team’s jersey or being listed in the program book,” Lisa Williams, President of Media Authority Marketing explains.

Media Authority Marketing is on the forefront of partnering with and creating this new relationship between local businesses and schools. What types of businesses can this benefit? “All local businesses can benefit greatly from purchasing an app for a school in their area, Car Dealerships, Chiropractors, Realtors, Restaurants, Dentists or any type of local business. There is a great need for schools to have a mobile app and many schools cannot afford to purchase their own app,” says Williams.

Today, less money is allocated by businesses to sponsor schools, sports teams and nonprofits, because it’s just not that economically feasible or does not produce much of a return. With this form of cooperative marketing it’s a win-win situation for both sides. Businesses can sponsor a school or a nonprofit and actually generate revenue and gain new customers by being the title sponsor of a mobile app for the school. Any local business that participates in the Media Authority Marketing mobile app initiative will get a second app for their business free.

By sponsoring a school, a local business will have the opportunity to advertise on the mobile app directly to parents, faculty, and students with a simple push of a button and offer parents that extra piece of mind that comes from the direct access communication an app provides. “This community sponsorship initiative helps local businesses market to new families right in their city in a new and innovative way and parents will be more open to the local business for helping their child’s school,” says Williams.

As an added bonus, Media Authority Marketing will offer a publicity campaign that includes a press release, interview and an article published online as well as contacting local media about the goodwill the business showed by participating in the buy one, get one free mobile app program.

“There are many great benefits to a business for taking advantage of this program. The business gets a mobile app for their business free, they get a new and direct opportunity to market all year long to parents in their community, and they get the benefit of free publicity from their goodwill offering from Media Authority Marketing,” says Williams. “By participating it also shows their desire to be involved with the community.”

Media Authority Marketing (a division of Local Online Visibility) has a goal to help local businesses attain more exposure in their community and online through participating in initiatives and then highlighting that businesses partnership through interviews and public relation campaigns.

Media Authority Marketing helps to brand businesses, create a positive buzz online about the business. “That’s what LOV is all about,” she says. “Positioning, exposure and highlighting local business that are making a difference in their industry and broadcasting that message that they are the authority in their industry to work with.”

The buy one, get one free initiative is going on through August 2014 for a limited number of businesses. Businesses that are interested in supporting a local school and receiving a free mobile app for their business, should contact http://www.mediaauthoritymarketing.com or email info@mediaauthoritymarketing.com.