Linus Ellis – Transformational Coach Helps Organist Learn To Speak The Language of Music

Linus Ellis, a Julliard-trained professional concert organist who has been playing since childhood, recently launched a coaching service called The Ellis Technique, for organists who are striving to play at a professional level.

Ellis states, “I’ve created a coaching business that helps organists worldwide, who are stalled in their efforts to perform at a professional concert level. I help them transform their playing so they can build their career as an organist. They also learn how to speak the language of music when playing the organ, so that they can connect with and speak to people through the music they play.”

For well over 2000 years organs have fascinated people both in their sound and in their complexity. Unfortunately, the educational strategies for organists have, of late, not kept to their roots.

Rather than teaching organ playing with techniques used by pianists, as he was taught to do, which diminishes the sound of the organ, Mr. Ellis has instead studied drawings of and writings about the masters of years past and has reawakened and solidified the proper methodology to help organists master a concert level proficiency with ease and speed.

“Organists often wonder how to break into the world of professional concerts or may have doubts about their abilities to play the organ well. Over the last 50 years, I’ve helped dozens of organists move beyond their current situation to the next level, which includes full-time performers and professional careers,” says Linus Ellis.

A lifelong, professional organist, Mr. Ellis believes strongly that with the proper physical techniques, mindset and understanding of the language of music that is taught in The Ellis Technique, advanced organists can successfully rise to the next level of their professional careers.

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