Linda Carey-Digital Content and Mobile Apps Specialist in Healthcare

Health Industry Marketing’s Leader, Linda Carey, Wants To Help Organizations Work “On Its Business and Not Just In Its Business.” She Says, “Digital Content Marketing is Here To Stay and Presents Tremendous Opportunities for Healthcare Industry Participants to Lead and Encourage or Fall Behind in Consumer Perception.”

Ms Carey, Who Spent 22 Years  Working and Living in the Formidable Silicon Valley, Possesses a Demonstrable Track Record of Optimizing Results for Top Ranked Executives, Healthcare Suppliers and Service Providers. According to Ms. Carey, Her Foray Into The Digital Content and Mobile Applications,  “Was a Natural Migration in Order to Help Clients Navigate Through Uncharted Waters.”  Today Her Goal is To Alleviate the Client’s Pain in Conceptualizing a Strategic Plan and Later Allocating The “Right” People and Web Tools to Optimize the Their Outcomes.  She and Her Team of Affiliates  Are Passionate About Helping Clients “Stand Out” Through Strategic Content Planning and “Helping Them Get Picked in The Ocean of Competition. She says, “Often this involves challenging the Status Quo and Organizational Silos.” 

According to Ms. Carey “The Benefits of  Effective Digital Marketing are Numerous as Conventional Advertising Media Loses The Consumer to Mobile Apps. As a case in point, She says, “Today Patient-Consumers Are Feeling Stressed and Frantically Seeking Answers Right on Their Phone As They Run To and Fro. As a Case In Point, Applying Bright Minds Towards Development of Solution Oriented Content For Patient-Consumers Who Are Living With Chronic Diseases Represents a Huge Opportunity for Clients.”

 Services Offered Are Diverse and Include Key Elements Such As Article Creation, High Authority On-Line News Syndication, Customized Webinars, Educational E-Books, E-Learning Courses and  “Explainer” Videos. Last, But Not Least Are Customized Mobile Applications That Are Hippa Compliant, Risk Mitigating and  Affordable.

In Her Free Time, Ms. Carey is Passionate About Creating Vibrant Living Foods For Friends and Family In Order To Optimize Their Health.

Sample of Explainer Video Content:

Linda Carey

Experience Speaks! Silicon Valley trained entrepreneur whose skills in organizational development, manpower planning, technology due diligence, human asset management, marketing sales and peak performance training were honed and perfected by some of the toughest CEOS in the Valley. A "GRIT" (Girl Raised in the South) who hasn't forgotten her roots and, in fact, had enough sense to return to them awaits you! Am passionate about helping you to succeed in various facets of your business business development, including digital marketing online or offline. I "get" your entrepreneurial journey and the risks that you have taken financially and otherwise.

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