Lila Sophia and David Tresemer Create New Illuminated Relationships Program

Relationships are a key element in the health and happiness of everyone on the planet. World-renowned conscious relationship experts, Lila Sophia and David Tresemer are helping to educate people about improving their interactions in their newly released Illuminated Relationships program and web site. Illuminated Relationships provides a framework for communication that is based on seeing the beauty and highest intention of your partner and coming consistently from the place of love, no matter what the immediate issue.

The program is based on 4 videos that are accompanied by corresponding written guides and an audio meditation. The videos demonstrate a number of tools that have been used by the Tresemers and thousands of their students to deepen and amplify any type of relationship. The web site, contains much more information about the Tresemers, their programs, their schedule of classes and media events, as well as their numerous books and videos they have produced, including the Conscious Wedding Handbook, published by Sounds True.

“Illuminated Relationships is the culmination of many years of teaching and creating plays, books, and programs based on divine relationships”, explains David. “It is the subject we are most passionate about, as we want to share the joy we experience together with as many people as possible.”

David Tresemer, Ph.D., has a doctorate in psychology, and is associate professor of psychology at Rudolf Steiner College for the certificate program in Counseling Psychology. He is the author of more than 6 books on a variety of subjects, most dealing with the connection of celestial events to human experiences. Lila Sophia Tresemer is a group facilitator, author, photographer, ceremonialist, and trans-denominational minister. She is an active minister at The StarHouse, where she co-founded The Path of the Ceremonial Arts, an ongoing three-year training for women. Together David and Lila have owned and managed the Star House, a center for conscious events in Boulder, Colorado.

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