Lifograph – the Wiki of People – Launches New Equity Crowdfunding Campaign on Wefunder

Lifograph – the Wiki of People – and creator of the world’s first crowdsourced networking platform, is pleased to announce the kickoff of the company’s second crowdfunding campaign, after successfully raising more than $215,000 from about 450 investors in 2019. The new raise will help Lifograph to continue establishing itself as a premier, cutting-edge online networking platform, featuring millions of profiles, and connecting the dots between both people and businesses. In 2019 alone, Lifograph went from half a million profiles of both people and companies to 7.3 million profiles. 

“Networking is essential in the world of business, whether you’re a startup, small business, or established corporation,” said Dea Wilson, Founder and CEO of Lifograph. “Networking, however, remains a challenge because many people don’t really know who they should really seek out and network with. Our goal with Lifograph is to help build people connections that are organic, and based on mutual needs, skills, talents, and interests.”

The Lifograph platform is essentially an encyclopedia of relationships established in the business world. It seamlessly creates visual timelines and relationship maps by tapping into a database of millions profiles, all with the sole intent of helping businesses and professionals visualize their connections and eliminate many of the challenges associated with traditional networking. Lifograph’s ultimate goal is to create business matches, all at the click of a button, by uncovering the shortest path to anyone in the world.

“As a crowdsourced networking platform, we’re as reliant on networking and connections as the people we want to serve,” Wilson added. “Our hope through this newest crowdfunding campaign is to inspire professionals and business owners from all over the world to invest a small amount of money in a company that can help them quickly grow their networks and businesses.”

Lifograph’s previous crowdfunding campaign generated more than $215k from about 450 investors from all over the world in just a few short months. The goal with the company’s new crowdfunding campaign is to secure the financial investment required to scale Lifograph into a premier professional networking platform.

To build a global network of real world connections, create a free Lifograph account and discover an exclusive B2B network that’s truly one-of-a-kind. And if you share Lifograph’s vision as a company that’s revolutionizing the way that people and businesses connect and interact, become an investor in Lifograph’s equity crowdfunding campaign.


Lifograph, founded by Dea Wilson, is the world’s first crowdsourced online networking platform. Coined the “Wiki of people,” Lifograph’s goal is to provide a pathway for people and companies to be matched with the simple click of a button. The unique, crowdsourced networking platform currently boasts over 7.3 million profiles and 4.3 million connections, and is a digital map of relationships that helps people find the shortest path to professionals and companies they have been looking for.  To learn more about Lifograph and how you can become an investor in its newest crowdfunding campaign, visit Lifograph today.