Life, Nutrition & Fitness Coach Leonee Parker Reaches Three Amazon Best Seller Lists

Authority Media Group, LLC congratulates Leonee Parker, best-selling author featured in the new book, “Simple Ideas – Extraordinary Results,” which recently hit three Amazon Best Seller lists.

The book ranked at #14 in the ‘Web Marketing’ category, as well placing in the ‘E-Commerce’ and in ‘Marketing/Web Marketing’ categories.

In this best-selling book, Leonee, New Zealand’s Life, Nutrition & Fitness Coach, discusses her recently launched online program to expand the reach of her wellness message to women around the world.

Mrs. Parker says, “What I really want to push worldwide is the truth about how you should really eat – real food, not all the fake, man-made food that we are constantly exposed to.”

“My mentoring clients learn a healthy, balanced lifestyle,” says Parker. ”They are finally at ease with themselves and they stop the dangerous obsession with dieting and getting skinny. The weight starts to drop off and it stays off”.

“Every time women don’t succeed on a diet or weight loss gimmick, their self-confidence and self-worth plummets,” she said. “I want to show them that it’s not as hard as they think it is. It’s not about starving and working their butts off. It’s just about a good balance and treating your body right.”

Mrs. Parker, the mother of two boys, a 3-year-old and 10-month-old, is herself the perfect representation of the results of living her program – a confident, energetic woman who has achieved a body and a life that she is happy with.

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