Life Coach Rob Fagen has Gained Strength from Adversity

Rob Fagen lives in San Antonio Texas and has recently found his second calling in his life.  Mr. Fagen’s new passion is in helping others using the field of coaching and public speaking. Mr.  Fagen’s recent entry into the world of coaching life skills and public speaking began after his career in hotel management ran its course, retiring medically. “I was very fortunate to have a very long and successful career in hotel management that lasted 29 years”, noted Fagen in a recent interview.  When reflecting on his career Mr.Fagen had this to say, “I have many great memories from my years working in hotels, and I still miss being a general manager. There’s plenty I miss about managing hotels; however, with my new medical limitations I’ve moved-on with a new venture, a new passion”.  Many people may struggle with medical issues; however, Fagen’s struggles with medical issues happened on a level most people could hardly imagine.

Mr. Fagen struggled with health issues during childhood, but he eventually moved-on to lead a productive and happy adult life.  Fagen’s health was good not great until unexpected complications arose during a routine surgical procedure. Unexpected complications frequently arise during routine surgeries; however, in Fagen’s case these complications were nearly fatal.  When asked about the details of his first dance with death Fagen noted, “During my seemingly routine surgery, I became septic, my heart stopped, I was flat-lined, and I showed absolutely no pulse.  After the septic shock hit, I was technically gone. Instead of resigning himself to my death, my surgeon instead chose to move quickly and administered 50 minutes of CPR. During those tense 50 minutes of CPR where my life was hanging in the balance, I was shocked with the paddles 13 times, yet somehow, I came back.” The aftermath of Fagen’s first brush with death eventually led to further medical complications that almost ended his life a second time.  A mere four years later Fagen contracted Endocardidis, a lethal infection of the heart, which again sent him into cardiac arrest.  Last rights were given again, but again Fagen survived.   After a couple of months in Intensive care and antibiotics, the infection was beat!  Unfortunately, this caused further damage to his heart forcing him to take disability.  

When asked to consider some of the specific lessons he learned from his brushes with death, Fagen had this to say, “When I was lying in a hospital bed fighting for my life, I quickly realized what mattered most in life.  It wasn’t the car I drove, the house I lived in nor all of the worldly trappings that a person could possibly chase-after and acquire, they just no longer mattered.  When I was literally fighting for my life in the hospital, what mattered was my faith, my family, my daughter, my close friends, and most importantly, my attitude”.  The insights Fagen has gained from his tribulations has given him a unique perspective and he now works to share his new insights with others and offer counsel to those struggling with life’s difficulties.  Fagen has many pieces of wisdom to offer his clients; however, when recently asked to summarize the nature of the counsel he offers to other people, he had this to say, “If I could offer people useful advice, I would challenge people to focus on the good in their lives; for instance, I would ask people to focus on their faith, their family, and their friends, to let go of chasing more, more stuff, more of everything.  Focus your energies on love and having a servant mindset. “  “One of the best gifts I have learned from my near death experience is knowing how to be here, right now, don’t wait, too much of our life is lost waiting!”

A wise Physician once said, “the best medicine for a weak heart is love.”  When asked “what if that doesn’t work?”  he smiled and said “then increase the dose.”





Alicia Dibrell

Alicia Williams-Dibrell is a Best Selling Author, host of Business Innovators Radio and contributor to Small Business Trendsetters and Business Innovators Magazine covering Influencers, Innovators and Trendsetters in Business, Health, Finance and Personal Development.