Life Coach Howard Tangler Presents His Simple Formula For A Long And Happy Life

Americans live with an overload of stress, frustration and anger. With all our technology, many Americans cannot escape the upsetting character of modern life. Is there an easy solution?

The American Psychological Association conclude in their 2013 report, Stress in America: “There appears to be general agreement that persistent, high stress is unhealthy, yet Americans struggle to manage the relationship between stress and health in their lives. They consistently report stress levels that are higher than what they believe to be healthy.”

Stress is not the only pressure disturbing Americans; add frustration and anger. Marian Salzman in the Economist writes in her article, America’s Frustrated Middle Class: “So many Americans are so angry that voters are rejecting ordinary politicians in favor of grassroots newcomers who share their anger and express it.”

This phenomenon is not some exotic disease difficult to cure, like an Ebola epidemic. Stress, frustration and anger are merely a phenomenon of negative self-talk, attitude. It happens because culturally we learn a negative attitude. It is quite universally human with some exceptions. Fortunately, there is a simple solution.

Howard Tangler, once a trainer in Dale Carnegie, noticed that many normal people are not achieving what they want, or dissatisfied with what they have. They experience many moments of unhappiness during their day. Their negative attitude colors their day with overcast greyness. Normal people allow their negative attitude to ruin their lives. Yet—they can overcome this with a simple technique.

Tangler says: “Being negative is merely a bad habit. It can be resolved into a positive attitude as easily as anyone can learn to ride a bike or use a computer.” Tangler has crystallized fifty years of studying personal development into his system of helping people overcome their negative attitude with a concise method that’s simple to use and requires a mere 21 days. It blends several discoveries of other famous researchers to enable people to live a happier, healthier life.

Here, Howard gives the five key steps:

1- Live according to this idea: It doesn’t matter what happened. What matters is what you think about what happened. That makes the difference!

2- Start thinking in a new way. To start thinking: “I want to change. I can change. I believe in change.” Believe you will succeed in changing.

3- Listen to what you’re saying because the mind is a computer, and it’s programmed every day by what you think and what you say. So you need to start paying attention to what you say.

4- Repeat daily positive affirmations many times during the day.

5- It takes 21 days of daily repeated exercise, repeating specific positive statements to your mind, to change an attitude.

Howard Tangler offers a concise, actionable way to eliminate the stress, frustration and anger that negative attitudes produce. Tangler says: “Train your mind to think positive, and you will live a healthy and happy life.”

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