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In a recently broadcasted episode of Incite Media’s widely followed webcast Business Innovators Radio Show, the show host Alicia Dibrell interviewed the acclaimed life and business coach Emily Spang. Through her independent coaching company Emily Spang Coaching, she helps introverts build confidence and overcome the anxiety and fear, through mindset work. In a lively interview session, Emily revealed her past, future goals, and unique approach to life coaching that has already benefited many of her clients.

Interestingly, Emily Spang had very little idea about life coaching until she hired a coach to overcome the obstacles in her own career. After starting a consulting business where she helped people with web design and in admin work, Emily realized that she was coaching her clients through a lot of the business situations.  This is the time when she decided to transition her consulting company into a coaching company. She not only works with the stuck introverts, but also helps the introverts start their own business.

When asked about the reasons behind the typical introvert mindset, Emily said that it generally comes from a past experience. She feels that the negative experiences from the past restrict them from sharing opinion or taking part in a discussion, whenever a similar situation arises in the future.

“I went through the exact same experiences and feelings through building my business, through overcoming that anxiety. This really creates a comfortable space for my clients to share their life with me. It’s really hard to tell about anxiety to someone who has never experienced it,” Emily said.  

Emily offers one on one coaching programs in six and twelve month increments. Occasionally, she also offers group coaching programs that continue for six, nine or twelve months. During the interview, Emily also informed that she has just created and launched a course specifically about confidence for introverts. She also offers thirty-minute long free consultation sessions.  

When requested to provide some advice for the introverts, Emily said, “I think the biggest piece of advice that I can give to people is that you have to take small steps every day. You need to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and really do things that scare you. If you can do just a little something every day that changes who you are right now, you will become the person that you need to be.”

Emily can be contacted and a consultation session can be scheduled via her website  Through this website, the visitors can also purchase Emily’s just launched confidence program, A Wallflower’s Guide to Confidence.  

The entire episode of Business Innovators Radio Show with Emily Spang is available at

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