Levi Counts Competes in World Championship Taekwondo Tournament

The 2019 ATA International World Champions held in Little Rock, AR recently celebrated 50 years of competitions at one of the nation’s most exclusive martial arts tournaments. Over 20,000 competitors, supporters, and spectators were a part of this event including World Conference seminars, a Tournament of Champions, international testing, competitions, and the traditional Master’s Ceremony. 

The ATA tournament of champions brings people together from all over the world to celebrate the discipline of martial arts, make connections, and get inspired by fellow martial arts students and instructors. 

Instructor Jill Cross from Saddle Rock ATA knows how much her students love the ATA World Championships, and is excited about the transition of that energy when they return to the mat at home. One student, 9-year-old Levi, started Taekwondo at age 5 and is now a 2nd-degree black belt. Levi has the heart of a true champion; Instructor Cross has seen that he never gives less than 100% effort and regardless of winning or losing he always stays positive.

Competing in the world championships is a feat on its own, with many martial arts students traveling from around the globe to partake in the ATA International World Championships in Little Rock. Martial artists devote their time and expertise fully to this event and are rewarded with challenging tournaments and connections with their peers. 

“Levi is a kid who makes new friends everywhere he goes and made new friends in every ring he was in at Worlds,” says Cross. “I was so proud of him as I watched him compete.  He won some, he lost some but always walked away with a smile. Levi says he’s going to do Taekwondo until he’s 47. He even says wants to work for me when he grows up!” 

Founded in 1969, ATA is the largest organization in North America dedicated to the discipline of Taekwondo, and the ATA conference is a great way for those who practice martial arts to travel, test their skills in a high-energy environment, and get support from martial artists around the world. 

Saddle Rock ATA regularly hosts free community workshops and events for the public to try martial arts. For more information about classes, email ​info@SaddleRockATA.com or visit https://www.saddlerockata.com/