Leonee Parker – Life, Nutrition & Fitness Coach Exposes the Truth About Exercise and Food

Leonee Parker, a health and fitness expert, recently launched an online program to expand the reach of her wellness message to women around the world, for women who have struggled with weight loss throughout their lives.

Mrs. Parker states, “What I really want to push worldwide is the truth about how you should really eat – real food, not all the fake, man-made food that we are constantly exposed to. There are so many different so called experts out there with so much conflicting information, these women just have no idea what they really should be eating. When they become one of my mentoring clients in my program they learn about a healthy balanced lifestyle. They are finally at ease with themselves and they stop the dangerous obsession with dieting and getting skinny. The weight starts to drop off and it stays off.”

Women are constantly bombarded on television with different programs for losing weight and getting healthy, to the point that it’s hard to determine who to trust and what to do. All of these weight loss programs work for a period of time, but it seems that when they stop those programs and start eating normal food again, the weight comes back. Of course this is the 
case. As human beings we are made to eat real food. That’s what our bodies need to function and until people realize that obesity will continue rising.

“Every time women don’t succeed on a diet or weight loss gimmick, their self-confidence and self-worth plummets. I want to show them that it’s not as hard as they think it is. It’s not about starving and working their butts off. It’s just about a good balance and treating your body right.”

As part of the launch of her program, Mrs. Parker has published a recipe eBook that appears to have changed people’s lives already. The recipes include everyone’s favourites which have been converted to a “real food” version. In addition to being a recipe book, it educates people about weight loss and uncovers many myths about mainstream nutrition.

Healthy eating combined with an appropriate exercise program has been life-altering for the women in New Zealand who have followed Mrs. Parker’s program.

“My mission is to inspire over 1 million women world-wide to create the bodies and lives of their dreams. I will do this by educating them about real food and clean nutrition. I will teach them how to become strong and fit and I show them how to love and respect themselves. I want to give them freedom from worrying about their bodies all the time and thinking that’s what defines them,” says Mrs. Parker.

Mrs. Parker, the mother of two boys, a 3-year-old and 10-month-old, is herself the perfect representation of what the results of living her program can create – a confident, energetic woman who has achieved a body and a life that she is happy with.

To learn more about Leonee Parker, visit: http://www.leoneeparker.com.