Landscaping Expert Mike Mereiter attends Business Innovators Radio Show

Business Innovators Radio Show, a popular webcast from Incite Media, continues its long tradition of inviting and interviewing industry innovators from different fields. In one of the latest episodes of the show, experienced landscape expert Mike Mereiter was interviewed by the show’s popular host Alicia Dibrell. During this interview, the duo discussed about Mike’s past, his landscaping business, and several key aspects of helping clients design the perfect space.

At the start of the interview, Mike revealed that he was interested in construction for homeowners ever since his childhood. Later on, this interest drew him towards pursuing landscaping as a profession. He started out right after the high school with lawn mowing and landscaping. Till now, he has been in this business for eighteen successful years. He is the Founder and the President of his company named Unique Landscaping.

During the interview, Mike informs that a typical landscaping project starts with contacting the homeowners and finding out the problems or issues with their space. The homeowner’s design concepts are also taken into account while working out a plan. In many instances, Mike mentioned, these discussions pave the way for a custom design and layout of the space. This is done by Unique Landscaping via 3D rendering or just mapping out the bird’s eye view of the project.

“A lot of our clients want to have a unique space and that’s what we aim for when we do a drawing for a concept or a space.  A lot of times we’ll actually break those projects into phases so the client doesn’t have to take on a whole project in a single first year unless they want to,” Mike said. “So, a lot of our projects will span over a two and three year period where our client can actually add little bit pieces, tweak the design, and create the perfect setting that they want.”

Mike also discussed in detail about his company’s recently introduced virtual consultation service, a concept that has been launched to provide more flexibility and freedom to the clients. This service can be set up from the website of Unique Landscaping by picking a suitable time slot. Automatic reminders are sent by the website to set up the schedule. Mike informed that the customers that have used this service so far have loved it and it has really made their lives a lot easier.

Mike can be contacted for all types of landscaping related needs via his website or by calling (440)-888-1884. His company is also active on several social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.  

About Business Innovators Radio: Business Innovators Radio is a popular radio show featuring interviews with industry innovators and trendsetters sharing their proven strategies to help listeners build a better life. The show is hosted by Alicia Dibrell, a bestselling author.  

Michael Mireiter
Unique Landscaping LLC