Knox Brown, CEO Of Vaudvill, Launches Unique Multimedia Production Studio In North Hollywood

Knox Brown, Feature Artist and Owner of Vaudvill Production Studio, identified a common shortcoming after years of working in the entertainment industry and as a result it inspired the creation of Vaudvill. Vaudvill is a multimedia production and publishing company that ensures artists not only have a platform for their talents, but are able to work alongside and collaborate with other artists while keeping the freedom to maintain their financial independence in their successes.

The opening of a production studio in North Hollywood may seem like it’s nothing new, however, Vaudvill is in a class by itself, providing a high quality professional service that’s artist friendly. Knox understands the economic situations and needs of new artists as well as the established ones and recognizes “regardless of the economy, people will always want to pursue their dreams.”

He is aware of the challenges they face in keeping up with the latest technology in the ever-evolving industry and also has compassion for the lack of information available to best protect their work and their finances. For this reason, the focus is not only on producing and publishing, but nurturing artist progress, educating and offering the tools to brand themselves, as well as promoting to help achieve their desired success.

Knox is not only driven by a passion for creating music, but intrigued by the world of creativity and motivated by his vision that Vaudvill will make the magic available to all those who dream. That’s why Vaudvill’s catchphrase exclaims  “It’s Happening!”

The name Vaudvill itself encourages a sense of community and camaraderie among artists in general. Vaudvill’s namesake comes from ‘Vaudeville’ which dates back to the 19th century. Vaudeville’s origin comes from the French phrase “Voix de Ville” which translates as the Voice of the City.

The term was used to describe the first ever circuit of theaters and traveling caravans that allowed artists to showcase their talent and included musical, visual, comedy and dance performances. Vaudeville and its performers, known as Vaudevillians, quickly became one of the most popular forms of entertainment in North America and are even acknowledged as being in essence the heart of American show business.

Knox describes the relevance of the history of Vaudeville with his ambition to create a audio and visual production house in the heart of the Art District in NoHo that has a once a month gathering called “Welcome to Vaudvill.”

This event will be a Mesopotamian bizarre style concert with performances from the local talent and art related vendors of all sorts for all ages. The first “Welcome to Vaudvill “event will be held October 2014 providing a platform for singers, actors, dancers, poets, painters and anyone in the artist forte to showcase their craft. Also, high level executives in the industry will be invited to scout out talent.

North Hollywood is unmistakably the right spot for Vaudvill, although it has been in the shadows of Hollywood for decades, it is not to be overlooked. The area is booming and many are flocking to the emerging community. The walk-ability is second to none with quaint coffee shops, comedy houses, cafes, theaters and endless restaurants, not to mention it’s the home of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, the producers of the annual Emmy Awards.

A recent LA Times article mentions that the Actors Equity moved into a converted warehouse in North Hollywood that it bought for $5.2 million and described NoHo as being on an economic upswing and was compared by Diapola, just “as Times Square was in the late 1970’s.”

Knox too sees the potential for great changes and is excited by it. He anticipates lots of success stories coming from Vaudvill. He says he “wants to stay progressive in creating superior award winning hit records and films and bring the community together to enjoy and appreciate the arts.”

Knox is truly a innovative thinker and business trendsetter; he certainly picked the right place to offer exactly what the industry need and wants. It is no surprise that Vaudvill is being so quickly embraced, without a doubt it’s a great addition to the community and many are anxiously awaiting what is to come. Featured Vaudvill artist Knox Brown alongside label mate and featured artist Primetime have come together creating an original sound that will be branded and showcased at Vaudvill events and promotions to lead the urban division V.M.G. New music from Knox Brown, Primetime and other V.M.G. artists will be coming soon.