Knowledge Is Power: How Real Estate Consultant Danielle Tyler-Pires Helps Clients Avoid Common Pitfalls

Danielle Tyler-Pires, Real Estate Sales & Financing Professional for Lighthouse Financial, Inc. and Keller Williams Newport Estates, has spent the last thirty years helping her clients buy, sell, and finance their homes. She believes in the counseling approach, getting to know her clients and their needs to make sure she’s the right person for them, and demystifying the process to help them realize their real estate goals.

According to Tyler-Pires, many realtors say, “I have knowledge” or “I have experience.” To a client, this sounds nebulous. However, when they meet with a realtor who strives to see things from the client’s point of view and formulates a step-by-step plan with their goals in mind, the result is the client completely understands the process, making it far less confusing and daunting.

An experienced realtor can sit down with a client and within thirty minutes prepare a plan that’s clear-cut, telling them what the pitfalls are along the way so they can grasp why they need to do something first, and why this second, and why this third, and so forth. When a realtor works like this, their clients start cooperating and allow them to do what is necessary. When a client approaches a green realtor, he could say, “Oh, you’ve got to do this first,” but when he can’t actually explain the rationale behind each step, people get scared and back away. At the end of the day, those realtors don’t do the things they need to do in order to be successful.

An apt analogy is when someone takes his or her car into a new mechanic. The customer doesn’t really know if they’re being taken advantage of, because they don’t know how difficult it is to fix the car. The selling and buying of a home is much more complex, but it’s the same concept. If a client doesn’t have somebody they trust who can explain every angle of the process, calm their fears, and inform them about what the correct next step is, it’s scary and frustrating and could potentially cost them money.

For example, there are different types of mortgages—fixed, semi-fixed, adjustable, and combinations of the three. In order to determine what loan one should have, a professional mortgage consultant should discuss with their client such factors as their risk aversion, their long-term goals, if they’re planning to stay in a home five years or less, etc. After the mortgage consultant does an assessment, they explain the pros and cons for each loan, then the client decides which one they are comfortable with.

Tyler-Pires once had a client, a father who had gone through a divorce was looking to buy a place where he and his daughters would live when they were with him. As she and her client dug deeper, they found his buying a home was for a sense of fulfillment, to be able to take care of the needs of his daughters and give them the peace, security, and stability that would bring them happiness. At the end of the day, when he was successful at achieving this, he would feel he has done his job as a father. When a realtor looks at the reasons as well as locations and prices, they all factor into what would best satisfy the client.

Buying or selling a home is a high pressure, emotional process. If a client has someone who can guide them, provide the vital information they need to make informed decisions, and allay their fears by explaining the reasons why things are happening, it can make all the difference. A realtor earns a client’s trust by communicating their knowledge in a humble and straightforward manner that always keeps the client’s goal in mind.

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