Kitchen Coach, Tamzin Cochrane, Offers Advice on Becoming More Competent in the Kitchen

With our increasingly hectic schedules and easy access to convenience foods, the number of meals cooked at home is steadily declining across the globe.  The latest research shows that the average American family eats out or orders food delivery 18 times per month at an average cost of over $12 per person each time.  Additionally, there are also fewer “cooks” in our families these days.  Many households rely on packaged or frozen meals, in between dinners out, simply because no one possesses adequate cooking skills.

Kitchen Coach, Tamzin Cochrane, is on a mission to change that. 

Cochrane originally ran a consulting firm, teaching food safety and health for those in the restaurant and catering business, but she noticed that she was frequently asked for advice about cooking at home.  She saw the need for someone to help families struggling with picky eaters or trying to fit more nutritious foods into the budget, or needing to learn how to cook altogether.  She knew she could make a huge difference for families who needed a “kitchen coach” so she founded her new company, Pinny & Trowel, to do just that.

At the Pinny & Trowel website, visitors can sign up to receive cooking tips and strategies for cooking nutritious, budget-friendly meals, making healthy lunches to go, working with picky eaters, and many more topics revolving around family eating.  She helps nervous cooks feel more competent and confident in the kitchen and encourages them to expand their skills by trying new recipes.  She promises that people who adopt a practice of using 90% whole foods and only 10% processed foods in their cooking will see dramatic improvements in their health and wellness.

Her efforts have been met with a very warm response and many happy clients have told her how much more enjoyable family mealtimes have become thanks to their new knowledge and skills.   She offers all visitors an E-book and specialty tips at her website, .  To contact her, email or connect with her on social media:

Twitter: @cochranetamzin