Kimle Nailer Offers Investments that Transform Both Houses and Women’s Lives

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As the founder and president of Nail-Rite Construction Inc., Detroit-based Kimle Nailer does more than provide drywall services to commercial and residential customers in the local metropolitan area. She also serves as an inspiration and model to women and to her community as an accomplished Black woman who has not only achieved success with companies such as J.D. Power and Associates, Team Detroit and Kelly Automotive (Ford Motor Company), but has worked with general contractors on major commercial projects such as Little Caesars Arena in Midtown Detroit and Detroit’s Nike and Under Armour sportswear stores.

While Nailer’s company provides rehab, renovation and restoration services in the residential space for Nailer, construction is a means to help a woman transform. To that end, she has developed two women empowerment organizations—Positive S.I.S.T.E.R.S. and The Diva Project. Positive S.I.S.T.E.R.S. is designed to empower women through sisterhood and includes a 9-step process for “Welcoming You Back Home,” which provides women with guidance to discover their “authentic selves.” The Diva Project aims to unite 10,000 Detroit-area women into an informed force holding government and its elected officials accountable for how they represent them and impact their lives. Nailer developed the project to redefine society from matters of the heart, so children—future generations—learn to respect one another across cultural boundaries.

Before Nail-Rite Construction Inc., Nailer held leadership positions at various companies, including Morpace Inc., New Plan Excel Realty Trust, J.D. Power and Associates, and Team Detroit. Currently, she is the President of Nail-Rite Construction Inc. as well as a Business Analyst for Kelly Automotive (Ford Motor Company).

With all her success, Nailer isn’t one to rest on her laurels. She has a heart to help other women achieve similar success to her—namely, building wealth through construction. “The construction industry is the biggest wealth transfer element because large sums of money come into projects,” Nailer explains. “A project contract can be anywhere from $250,000. It doesn’t take much to cross the million-dollar threshold, and that kind of business changes your mindset. It also gives you a chance to create. There’s nothing like seeing something formed out of nothing, which I think is the greatest tool.”

Nailer’s reason for using construction to help women is simple. “Many times, we as women are broken internally. We’re wounded. We have pasts that we’re not proud of,” Nailer says. “When I am able to help a woman transform a house that looks like it should be demolished into a livable home, there’s nothing better than that. It gives them a visual experience of what they’re doing with their own life. They begin to believe that their life can be restored too. That’s why I use the tagline: We build structures, and we build a life.”

Don’t let Nailer’s current appearance fool you, however. She wasn’t always so confident and accomplished. As a young Black girl growing up in the 1960s, she struggled to see her dark skin as beautiful. She went through several painful relationships, experienced depression and survived living in some of the most hellish situations. But those hard times helped her to not only see the light and true inner essence of her beauty but also motivated her to tap into real estate as a resource that would change her destiny.

“When I first started in real estate, I was coming out of the worst bout of depression, and I was building houses,” says Nailer. “And while I was building houses, I was being rebuilt at the same time. Construction became a platform where, as I stated earlier, you get a visual reflection of the rebuilding process while you work on a daily basis.” And she now wants to help other women leverage construction and building houses to rebuild their lives too.

This fall, Nailer lends her expertise to the compilation book, Wealth for Women: Conversations with the Team that Creates the Dream – the Top Female Professionals Who Can Help You Get Wealthy in Real Estate. Wealth for Women is led by Monick Paul Halm, founder of Real Estate Investor Goddesses, and features a collaboration of interviews with real estate syndicators and ancillaries who share insights in their specific area of expertise. The book is published by Smart Hustle Publishing, LP, and is scheduled for release on in the fall of 2018.

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