Kevin Coffey & Christina Keller With A Brighter Future, Interviewed on Podcast, Discussing How to Prevent a House From Going Into Foreclosure

Kevin Coffey & Christina Keller discuss preventing foreclosure: strategies to save your home 

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Communication with lenders is a crucial aspect in preventing foreclosure. Kevin and Christina emphasized the importance of not hesitating to pick up the phone and have direct conversations with lenders. Many individuals may feel embarrassed or overwhelmed by their financial situation, leading them to avoid communication with their lenders. However, reaching out and initiating a dialogue can open up opportunities for potential solutions to prevent foreclosure.

By directly communicating with lenders, homeowners can explore different options such as refinancing, loan modifications, forbearance agreements, or even deeds instead of foreclosure. These discussions can lead to finding alternative solutions that may help homeowners in challenging financial situations. Additionally, documenting all conversations and agreements with lenders is essential to ensure clarity and accountability throughout the process.

Kevin and Christina also highlighted the potential risks of not engaging in communication with lenders. By avoiding discussions and taking no action, homeowners may find themselves in a more challenging situation as the foreclosure process progresses. Therefore, proactively reaching out to lenders, discussing available options, and seeking assistance can significantly impact the outcome and potentially prevent foreclosure.

Kevin explained: If the homeowner enters a special loan program with the lender and is late or misses a payment, their home may be automatically subjected to foreclosure. Consequently, the homeowner must exercise caution and adhere strictly to the loan agreement terms. In other words, the lender can expedite the foreclosure process, reducing the homeowner’s opportunities to either extend their stay in the home or find strategies to secure a significant sum of money instead of leaving with nothing.”

Overall, the key takeaway from the episode is that communication with lenders is a vital step in preventing foreclosure. By overcoming the fear or hesitation to engage in these conversations, homeowners can explore various solutions and potentially find a way to avoid the devastating consequences of foreclosure.

Kevin and Christina shared: “We purchase houses as-is or partner with homeowners to renovate their homes, sell them, and share a portion of the net profits. This approach enables us to provide homeowners with more money. We cover all the expenses, and the homeowner benefits from a share of the profits. We call this the ‘More Money for You Program.’ “Our goal is to assist people during challenging financial times and help create a brighter future for them. For more information, ask about our ‘Foreclosure Rescue Kit’.”

About Kevin Coffey & Christina Keller

Kevin and Christina, a couple of Colorado folks who know what it’s like when things get tough. Kevin grew up in North Denver, and Christina in Thornton. Life can throw some real curveballs, especially when it comes to keeping a roof over your head.

But they also know the pain of uncertainty and loss. Kevin’s family faced the heartbreaking reality of foreclosure when he was younger. He watched as their home, filled with love and laughter, slipped away. Looking back, he wishes his family had been thrown a lifeline that offered choices. They’re not just another option; we’re a lifeline, a bridge to a brighter future by offering you choices.

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