Keith Daigneault of Orange County Construction discusses Orange County, CA and Construction

Orange county has a population of slightly above three million people. According to information from the county’s website, the county has a unique attraction to economic activities with many blue chip companies investing within the county.

One of its core strength is its ease of providing ready information to potential investors and stability of the county. Orange County is rated among the easy counties to do business in California. The ease of business registration and support from the local government are among the issues that nurtures strong business acumen in the county. Following the downspin of California’s economy and America in general, Orange County was adversely affected.

The county has since risen to become a major economic player in the region. Business in Orange County Orange County is home to a number of many Fortune 500 companies such as Ingram Micro, First American Corporation, Broadcom, Pacific Life, and Western Digital. These companies are distributed across the 34 cities within the county. The county is also home to a number of startups that are projected to define the future economic landscape. Companies such as Allergan, Edwards Lifesciences, Sun Healthcare, and Standard Pacific among others have their headquarters within the county.

The attractiveness of the county for investment has also seen a number of international companies set up business within the county. Companies such as Mercedes Benz US Classic center if located in Irvine in the same city where Online Trading Academy is located. Regional Headquarters of Mazda, Toshiba, Toyota, Kia Motors, Samsung are also located in Irvine. Mitsubishi, Hyundai, and Oakley are among the other international companies that have their regional headquarters within the County.

Basically, Orange county is California Motor industry hub with most of the car manufacturers setting their regional headquarters within the County. The county also has a vibrant Fashion Industry. Fashion giant Oakley and Del Taco have their headquarters within the county within the City of Lake Forest with shoemaker Hurley International having its headquarters in Costa Mesa. Pleasure USA Inc., St John, and Wet seal are also located within the county.

Tourism as an economic factor Tourism in Orange County is among the vital aspects that fuel the economy. Orange county is tourist attraction center owing to its magnificent beaches and great weather. The county’s city of Anaheim is the main tourism hub. Disneyland, which is located within the city, is among America’s most visited parks ranking second in the world. Knotts Berry Farm is another site that is active within the County. The Farm records around 7 million visitors annually. Other activities such as conventions are held at Anaheim Convention Center.

The tourist visit not only increases the sales for the business owners within the county but also attracts investment in areas such as hotels and resorts that employ the locals. Moreover, the construction industry benefits a lot with the increased number of constructions that result from the need for housing. Companies such as Keith Daigneault orange county construction are known to be major beneficiaries from this economic additive and has perfected its skills in the creation of beautiful buildings that bring about the best sceneries.

Other economic metrics Orange County is the economic powerhouse for Southern California and has been for the last two decades. The county is rated among the counties with the highest job rates in California. This is as a result of sprouting industries and stable economic climate. The unemployment levels of the county have been contained to a minimum value for the past two decades based on studies by the University of California, Irvine. The main centers of employment within the county are Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Laguna Beach, and New Port Coast, which have realized high levels of external investment and sprouting business.

In an analysis conducted in 2009, it was derived that Irvine area had more than 10 times the number of white-collar jobs within the region and eight times the average number of blue-collar jobs within California. The study conducted on Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange, Ventura and San Bernardino found that the progress of Orange County in terms of economic development was the highest compared to the others.

The government and the economy Orange County is a charter county of the state of California with its seat at Santa Ana. The board of supervisors of the orange county has the executive authority and legislation vested on them. The current board constitutes John Moorlach, Spitzer Todd, Nelson Shawn, Bates Patricia and Nguyen Janet has the mandate of economic recovery of the county among their priority agendas. The Board has been described to be economic focused supervision with their primary role being the recovery of the economy after the decline. The legislation of the board has nurtured vibrant economic environment that has attracted investment from various quarters. This is evident from the development of the various areas of economic divides.

Among the expanding areas of the economy, include the construction industry. The need for housing for business premise purposes and facilities such as hotels has enabled the growth of construction as an independent practice. Indicators of better economic landscape for the county in the future Orange County has enjoyed lower unemployment trends compared to other counties within the state of California. The county has lower unemployment levels compared to the regional average levels. With high employment trends, the GDP of the county is likely to be the highest within the region.

The county is thus anticipated to inspire more investment because of the high purchasing power of the economy. The probable outcome is an enhanced economy. The relaxed economic policies that encourage investment make the economy of the county a major attraction for more companies. A strong regional economy makes Orange County a better place for startups and the ideal economy to nurture any business idea. The resulting outcome is an improving economic landscape as the startup makes their contribution towards the economy of Orange County.

Orange County is a major economic player in the state of California. On the other hand, California is a major economic player in the United States. This makes Orange County a significant economic region for the United States of America. The County depicts a region with bright economic prospects. Keith Daigneault a General Building Contractor and resident of Orange County feels after the real estate market crashed in 2007 it has finally, rebounded, and now many residents of Orange County feel good about investing in their homes and are adding room additions and remodeling.

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