Karl Weiss San Diego Creator Of Carry-Jokey Opens The World Of Stand Up Comedy To Everyone

Karl Weiss, San Diego creator of Carry-Jokey told us, “Everybody is constantly looking for new ways to enjoy themselves. Here’s a way that’s new and exciting, affordable, and a lot safer than skydiving (unless you get the wrong crowd).” Carry-Jokey is an activity similar to Karaoke, using a screen that scrolls a script and a hand controller that attaches to the microphone. The controller manages the speed of the screen roll and also allows the use of sound effects. Everyone loves to make people laugh, and now there’s a way for anybody to take the spotlight and center stage.

The concept is simple: instead of singing a song as the words scroll onscreen, the participant gets up and delivers jokes. Not everyone can be a singer; likewise, not everyone can be a standup comic. Our own jokes get stale. Plus, there are plenty of people who have trouble remembering jokes, or they always blow the punch line. It is hard to believe that there could be any controversy at all concerning Carry-Jokey, but controversy has come to the forefront in discussions. The controversy is whether Carry-Jokey will have a positive or negative effect on the field of stand-up comedy. One side says if it got too popular it would start cutting into the time people usually watch comics. The other side says that it will only serve to popularize stand-up more.

Weiss told us his view on the controversy, “I believe Carry-Jokey and comedians can have a symbiotic relationship with our planned website bringing them publicity and a marketplace, and people becoming more willing to go out to venues where there is a mix of stand-up and the participatory comedy of Carry-Jokey. “Karaoke hasn’t made a dent in the music industry (though downloading certainly has). People love to tell a joke, but nothing will replace the stand-up comedian telling his own story and commenting on the world with hilarious anecdotes and one-liners.”

For more on Karl Weiss you may visit his web site http://carryjokey.com.