Jordan Flowers, a Fiduciary and Financial Advisor with Wealth Financial Services & Tax Advisory Discusses Retiring On Your Own Terms In Amazon Best-Selling Book, Remarkable Retirement Vol. 2

According to Flowers, creating custom retirement income plans is vital, so folks can live their retirement to the fullest, without ever worrying about running out of money.

Flowers, wrote, “Wealth Financial Services & Tax Advisory and I strongly believe that you must put the client’s interests first (sometimes this means telling them they are in a great place and they should thank their current advisor).

This should be common practice in the industry, but sadly I’ve seen many prospects who were put into investment vehicles that benefited the advisor and not so much the client.

We are Fiduciaries so by law we have to put the client’s interest first, but I personally want to do the very best for my clients, so I can work with their kids and possibly grandchildren establishing a legacy for their family. Ensuring the clients best interest is first and foremost gives me peace of mind knowing I did everything in my power to impact their lives positively. I have been very blessed with the referrals generated by a 99% retention rate from our current clients.”

When asked about the advantages of having a custom retirement income plan for 55-70-year-old families, Flowers said, “To achieve the highest level of accomplishment in life, you need to have goals. Many people’s goal is to have peace of mind and never worry about money in retirement. But few of these people have a plan to accomplish this, and they end up always thinking about money, or they get nervous when the market has a downturn. Having a simple easy to understand plan in retirement eliminates the stress and worries of the market.

Having a well-designed Retirement Income plan gives you confidence! A well-developed plan will position your money into three buckets. The money you need now, the money you need 5 or so years from now, and money you need ten years down the road. By having this structure your never forced to lock in a loss because the market has had a significant downturn.

The money you need now in your first bucket should not have any risk involved. The money you need over the next five years bucket should have little or no risk involved as well. With the last bucket being for the long term allowing it to take more risk in the market.”

In the book chapter, Flowers outlined the biggest myths when it comes to retirement planning, explaining, “Many feel like Retirement planning is so complicated and hard to understand, which is a huge myth. Retirement Planning should be clear and concise; you tell me your goals, and I create a simple plan to help you achieve them. Our financial plans are one large sheet of paper that’s it….Another myth when it comes to Retirement planning is that you need to take on a lot of risks to get competitive returns. I find this to be false with today’s investment world you have so many low risk or no risk alternatives that you can develop a well-diversified strategy not taking on a lot risk.

Jordan Flowers is a Fiduciary and Financial Advisor with Wealth Financial Services & Tax Advisory. He has been giving his clients peace of mind in their finances for over 12 years. Jordan’s clients have a written plan incorporating investments, life insurance, estate planning, Taxes, long-term care and expenses to live the lifestyle they desire.

The chapter concluded with Flowers saying, “Meet with a financial advisor and have them evaluate your current situation and goals. Make sure your plan is based on your risk tolerance, your goals, and your time horizon. Again, it never hurts to get a second opinion to know that you have what you need or you are doing enough.

Start as soon as possible to ensure that you are prepared.

Price is not the only factor. You pay healthcare costs to ensure your health and your retirement planning is as important as your health to ensure your livelihood in retirement.”

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